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Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach Composer

Cantata No.196: Der Herr denkt an uns (Wedding), BWV196

Performances: 8
Tracks: 24
  • Cantata No.196: Der Herr denkt an uns (Wedding), BWV196
    Year: 1707-08
    Genre: Cantata
    Pr. Instruments: Voice & Chorus/Choir
    • 1.Sinfonia in C
    • 2.Chorus: Der Herr denket an uns
    • 3.Aria (Soprano): Er segnet, die den Herrn fürchten
    • 4.Duet (Tenor, Bass): Der Herr segne euch je mehr und mehr
    • 5.Chorus: Ihr seid die Gesegneten des Herrn
Bach probably composed this cantata when he was employed in the city of Mühlbach (1707-1708). The title means "The Lord cares for us." The occasion of its composition is not known, but it is presumably a wedding cantata. It is a short cantata, little over ten minutes long, and is scored for an orchestra of only strings and organ, with soprano, tenor, bass, and chorus. The best surviving text of this cantata is a copy made in Leipzig in 1731 and 1732 by a pupil of Bach's, Johann Ludwig Dietel.

The text is three verses of the 115th Psalm. The form of the cantata is simple. Following a brief sinfonia (or orchestral introduction) there is a chorus, a soprano aria, a duet for tenor and bass, and a concluding chorus. Many scholars think that, considering the intimacy of the music and its scoring, the choral sections can be performed with just one voice per part; in other words, as a vocal quartet. The music is both joyful and warm in feeling. The text is an expression of faith that the Lord will care for and bless his people, expresses belief that the Lord will prosper the chosen people and their descendants.

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