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Johann Friedrich Fasch Composer

Trumpet Concerto

Performances: 3
Tracks: 9
  • Trumpet Concerto
    Key: D
    Genre: Concerto
    Pr. Instrument: Trumpet
    • 1.Allegro
    • 2.Largo
    • 3.Allegro Moderato
Inspired more by the works of Corelli than Vivaldi, this concerto tends to play the brass, woodwind, and string instruments against each other for sheer color rather than to mark a movement's structure (as was the case in Vivaldi's solo-ripieno format). The work is in the standard "trumpet" key of D major (Baroque trumpets were severely limited harmonically), but, atypically, the trumpet does participate in the Largo (Baroque trumpets were poorly suited for long, lyrical lines and usually sat out slow movements). The first movement, Allegro, begins with a bold trumpet statement, but the instrument often recedes into the background or remains entirely silent during string-dominated phrases. Fasch's melodies tend to be jagged, heraldic, and extremely busy, more through merely repeating notes than through creating wide-ranging themes. The oboes come forward during one episode, but remain neatly tucked into the ensemble for most of this short movement. The Largo has a ceremonial air, its little paired-note cells creating a processional effect, with the trumpet rising to its highest register in the final measures. The Allegro (moderato) finale begins in pomp and splendor as a stately minuet, but Fasch soon falls back onto his favored repeated note formula, which opens the movement up for faster concertato passagework. The minuet returns to bring the movement to a close.

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