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Zez Confrey

Zez Confrey Composer

Dizzy Fingers

Performances: 7
Tracks: 7
  • Dizzy Fingers
    Year: 1923
    Genre: Other Keyboard
    Pr. Instrument: Piano
This composer with the strange name was born in Peru—Peru, IL, that is. Edward Elzear Confrey was a prominent American composer of popular keyboard and big band music up to the post-World War II era. He was especially well known in the 1920s when Kitten on the Keys (1921) became one of the most popular pieces in the Prohibition era. Dizzy Fingers was one of his more widely performed pieces and is also, as its title suggests, one of his more technically challenging ones. The work opens with a driving but subdued rhythm, over which rapid, playful swirls are played. Collectively, they form a carefree theme whose splashy colors seem to yearn for a jazz band or orchestral treatment. The music proceeds not only at a dizzying pace, but with thematic ideas bountifully springing up: several additional motifs, mostly variants on the main theme, comprise the alternate material. They are playful and carefree in their racing manner, too, infectious in their joy and jaunty manner, if a bit less distinctive. The main theme returns midway through and later, rather abruptly closes out the piece. This utterly kinetic piece has a duration of just under two minutes.

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