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Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi Composer

L'autunno (Autumn) in F, RV293, Op.8, No.3

Performances: 160
Tracks: 420
  • L'autunno (Autumn) in F, RV293, Op.8, No.3
    Key: F
    Year: 1725
    Genre: Concerto
    Pr. Instrument: Violin
    • 1.Allegro non molto ('Ballo, e canto de'villanelli')
    • 2.Adagio molto ('Ubriachi dormienti')
    • 3.Allegro ('La caccia')
This is the third of four violin concertos that make up Antonio Vivaldi's popular cycle known as The Four Seasons. It is subtitled "Autumn" and, like the other concertos, is made up of three movements, with the usual fast-slow-fast scheme. Like the other "Seasons," its music was written to depict pastoral scenes and events described in a sonnet that accompanies the score.

The first movement, marked Allegro, opens with a chipper, rhythmic theme that bears some resemblance to its effervescent counterpart in "Spring." But here the music is a bit less buoyant, perhaps a tad more emphatic and muscular in its rhythmic features, too, but all to depict a hearty peasant celebration at the end of a bountiful harvest. Interspersed throughout the latter half are moments of repose, inserted perhaps to portray the deep sleep that has overcome those revelers who had imbibed too much liquor. Still, the music is mostly playful and carefree, even in the more intricate and colorful virtuosic solos for the violin.

The brief second movement sounds even slower than its Adagio molto marking would normally suggest. Its dreamy music represents the peasants at peaceful sleep. The finale, marked Allegro, is joyous and thematically catchy in its colorful depiction of men embarking on a hunting escapade at dawn. The music played by the string orchestra has a stomping, march-like character, where the solo violin passages, here representing horn calls, are in contrast stately and elegant. At times, however, the solo violin's music becomes quite energetic and makes formidable demands of the performer. On the whole, however, the mood remains festive and chipper, despite the slaying of a beast by the hunters.

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