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Sir Arthur Drummond Bliss

Sir Arthur Drummond Bliss Composer

Miracle in the Gorbals, ballet in 1 scene for orchestra, Op.64, F.6a

Performances: 1
Tracks: 18
  • Miracle in the Gorbals, ballet in 1 scene for orchestra, Op.64, F.6a
    Year: 1944
    Genre: Ballet
    Pr. Instrument: Orchestra
    • 1.Overture
    • 2.The Street
    • 3.The Girl Suicide
    • 4.The Young Lovers
    • 5.The Prostitute and the Boy
    • 6.The Official
    • 7.Discovery of the Suicide's Body
    • 8.The Suicide's Body is brought in
    • 9.The Stranger (Variations)
    • 10.Dance of Deliverance
    • 11.The Official and the Prostitute No.1
    • 12.The Mother's Lullaby
    • 13.Two 'Jolly' Couples
    • 14.Official Leaves the Prostitute
    • 15.The Whispering Campaign
    • 16.The Official and the Prostitute No.2
    • 17.The Killing of the Stranger
    • 18.Coda (Molto sostenuto)
The ballet for which this score was written is an unusually serious one, grappling, unusually for the ballet, with contemporary social issues. It is set in a hopeless slum, into which a Christ-like figure, "The Stranger" restores a girl suicide to life and is himself killed by a mob incited by a malignant government official. The suite comprises ten of the original fifteen numbers of the ballet. In the suite, predictably, music of a grim cast is offset by the visionary music associated with the Stranger and the promise he brings of deliverance, a promise which is not entirely quenched by the tragic ending. Unusually touching music.

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