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John Dunstable Composer

Speciosa facta es (antiphon, a3, probably by Binchois), MB50

Performances: 1
Tracks: 1
  • Speciosa facta es (antiphon, a3, probably by Binchois), MB50
    Year: c.1410-53
    Genre: Motet
    Pr. Instrument: Chorus/Choir
This is a musical setting of one of the many rather erotic religious texts of the Catholic Church.

Like "Quam pulchra est, " from The Song of Songs, it describes a religious entity—in this case,

Mary—in highly sensual terms. Dunstable's music is not as erotic as some of the settings,

being rather more awed and hushed than sensual; this is not one of the compositions where it would

be difficult to tell if this is really a religious piece. It is not sterile, though; the

phrasing is delicate, and the long, lovely lines, particularly in the upper voices, are

very effective as a description of beauty. The tenor lines are especially noteworthy, being

incredibly long and exposed, demanding great breath and pitch control.

"You are made lovely and sweet with the delights of virginity, holy Mother of God, whom

the daughters of Zion, seeing you blooming amidst roses and lilies, have called the

most blessed, and whom queens have praised."

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