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George Gershwin

George Gershwin Composer

Rialto Ripples (rag)

Performances: 11
Tracks: 11
  • Rialto Ripples (rag)
    Year: 1916
    Genre: Other Keyboard
    Pr. Instrument: Piano
The Gershwin/Donaldson collaboration Rialto Ripples is generally recognized as Gershwin's first instrumental work. This brief, peppy piano solo combines elements of the ragtime idiom with the melodic and rhythmic hooks characteristic of the "novelty" music of the teens and twenties. Ripples follows a typical rag model, alternating the main melody with contrasting strains; the pervasive syncopated rhythms further point to the work's ragtime roots. While this work from the teenaged Gershwin shows little of the ingenuity and inventiveness of his more mature music, the sheer brashness and energetic swagger prefigure the composer's confidence in such later works as Rhapsody in Blue.

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