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Alexander Rosenblatt Piano, Composer

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Alexander Rosenblatt

Alexander Rosenblatt was born in Moscow in 1956 and graduated from the Moscow Conservatory as a pianist and composer. His compositions in the last decade include a Mass for Choir and Orchestra, seven concertos for solo instruments and orchestra, a Sextet for Winds and Piano, "Kamarinskaya" for orchestra, three piano sonatas, the Sonata for Cello and Accordion, the "Beatles Symphony," the Ballet, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," "Psalm" for choir and brass, "Memory" for piano and strings, and "A Small House in Kolomna" - a musical inspired by a Pushkin poem. Rosenblatt has also written a great deal of theater and circus music, as well as numerous small pieces, songs, choral compositions, etc.

His music is played by many well-known Russian musicians, including N.Petrov, A.Figlin, D.Ratser, D.Kramer, A.Gindin, S.Lips (piano); A.Shilkloper (French horn), F.Lips (accordion), and V.Tonkha and A.Zagorinsky (cello). Such prominent Russian conductors as A.Boreiko, I.Golovchin, M.Scherbakov, K.Krimets, D.Liss, and M.Annamamedov have performed his compositions with the Moscow, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, and Kazan Philarmonic Orchestras, among others.

A.Rosenblatt writes music for the V.Spivakov International Charity Foundation, for the Gnessin Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra conducted by M.Khokhlov, and for the Ice Theater, directed by Igor Bobrin. In 1999 the Second State TV Channel (RTR) produced a film based on Bobrin's adaptation for ice of Rosenblatt's Ballet Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a work that incorporates 80 themes from world classics and has been performed in its original version in France, Italy, Switzerland, and North Korea.

Very much a jazz enthusiast, Rosenblatt has worked as a composer with O. Lundstrem's Big Band, and as arranger for American musicians, R.Mitchell (bass) and C.Parland (piano). Many of Rosenblatt's works and arrangements have been performed by the "Vocal-Band," one of the winners at the 1995 Montreux Jazz Festival. In November 1990, US audiences were introduced to his "Variations on a Theme of Paganini" in a performance by D.Ratser. In 1993 renowned cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, accompanied by accordionist, F.Lips, performed a program of Rosenblatt's pieces at the Concertgebuow in Amsterdam.

Other notable presentations include the 1995 performance of "Alice's Adventures" by the Red Army Orchestra; the 1997 concert in Germany when A. Rosenblatt conducted his "Psalm," written for the Hofgeismar Evangelical Academy; A.Shilkloper's performance of his works in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Finland; performances in the USA and France by young musicians of the V.Spivakov Foundation; and concerts by clarinetist, A.Dressier, in Italy, Germany, and France, at which he performed Rosenblatt's "Fantasia on Themes from Carmen." In 1999 Rosenblatt made his Turkish debut as both composer and pianist with the Izmir Symphony, led by K.Krimets. Rosenblatt has recorded ten CDs; among them two solo albums and two CD-ROMs. Also, his CD "Rosenblatt Plays Solo and Duo Compositions" was nominated "CD of the month" for August, 2001, by Japan's best music critics.

Alexander Rosenblatt

Alexander Rosenblatt Alexander Rosenblatt was born in Moscow in 1956 and graduated from the Moscow Conservatory as a pianist and composer. His... More
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