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Glinka Quartet String Quartet

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Glinka Quartet

The Glinka String Quartet is one of the best chamber ensembles in Russia. It was founded by the talented musicians and named after the distinguished Russian composer Mikhail Glinka in 1994. The youthful energy and wisdom of experience combined with the love of music and the power of talent - therein lay the quartet’s success and stability.

The ensemble’s repertoire is very various: music of different styles and genres from the Viennese classics and music of impressionists to modern composers and, of course, Russian leading composers quartets. At the same time all the members of the Glinka Quartet are in constant creative search with their repertoire, extending the mastery.

Creative union with a pianist and composer Daniil Kramer is of great interest of audience. An inspired expression, keenness are demonstrated during the jazz performance, looking for new ways.

Being the active propagandists of the best examples of contemporary music the Quartet performs compositions of Andrei

Eshpai, Nikolai Kapystin and Joel Spiegelman, an American pianist and composer.

The quartet has been co-operating with prominent musicians - Naum Shtarkman, a pianist, Daniil Kramer, a jazz pianist and composer, Nicolai Petrov, a pianist, Eliso Virsaladze, a pianist, Professor Tigran Alikhanov, a pianist, the Quartet performed with a pianist Boris Kraljevic (Montenegro) and a Canadian pianist Judy Kehler Siebert and others.

The company plays in the best concert halls of Moscow and many Russian and European cities. During their creative activities the musicians have gained the audience’s love both in Russia and Europe. They participated in many charity performances and festivals in Russia and outside.

They were applauded in France and Italy, Spain, Germany and Netherlands, Switzerland and Luxemburg, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, etc.

The brilliant tour with a great American singer Jessie Norman which took place in summer, 2000, has made a deep impression on music lovers in France, Germany and Lebanon. Highly appreciating the quartet’s level, its wonderful sound, Jessie Norman has suggested to prolong their mutual work.

This company is notable for their especial beautiful sound, for deep penetration through each composition, performed by them, for unselfish devotion to their creative ideals. Many outstanding musicians prefer to perform with them.

All members of the Quartet command the superd technique and amazingly beautiful sound. They are industrious and demanding of themselves. Though the Quartet has existed only few years, the impression is that its members worked together for a long time.

Fourteen CDs, recorded by the company, are in great popularity with the listeners.

Glinka Quartet The Glinka String Quartet is one of the best chamber ensembles in Russia. It was founded by the talented musicians... More
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