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  • BobUngar
    Posted on 12 Feb 2012

    Above all, Glenn Gould was a great communicator. This is how he could take music that is new and strange, and completely draw the listener to its beauty. When i first heard the Berg Sonata, and other pieces by Schoenberg and Krenek played on the 1959 recording, it had that effect on me., and led me to learn the Berg Sonata. The 21 year old Berg produced his op.1, a work, unlike any before, or since., and played here by an equally unique Gould.Gould.
  • savoytruffle9
    Posted on 11 Feb 2012
    Edited on 11 Feb 2012

    For those who do not already know it, I would like to recommend the beautiful recording of Berg's 7 Early Songs with Anne Sofie von Otter and Bengt Forsberg. These songs are so gorgeous, similar to the Strauss 4 Last Songs. They are performed either with piano or orchestra. The third? piece Nachtigall is especially glorious and has been arranged for chorus.
  • 363
    Posted on 11 Feb 2012

    Thank you,
    The instant Glenn Gould touches the first note, Glen Gould is
    completely gone in his own wotrld, he does not see you or anybody else. This is what I call the soul of a real artist.

    Glen Gould was an artist, he is an artist and will always be an
    exceptional artist...
    Helene O'Malley
  • moreno68
    Posted on 11 Feb 2012

    Thank you it's Marvellous I should like some more on Youtube
    in this quality and length.
    Frans Rooijers
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