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    Posted on 19 Feb 2013

    Love Ravel's Bolero / My favorite Classical piece--ever--over 60 years. And this version is the GREATEST ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • fafner
    Posted on 10 Feb 2013

    Simply gorgeous, loved it, with all the troubles going on in the world, this was a breath of Heaven. More please like this.
  • Evamy
    Posted on 8 Mar 2017

    re: fafner's comment
    J'ai ressenti la même chose que vous...
  • sunflower
    Posted on 3 Feb 2013

    I loved it. I wish I had been there. I was just looking on line to see if anyone of the great symphony orchestras in the US have Ravel's Bolero on their program for 2013 and came across this. It was perfect. What a perfect way to stop everyone in their tracks. I hope I find a performance this year. It is one of the things that I have made my family promise, that I will see a performance of Bolero by one of the best orchestras, no matter where I have to travel. I made them all promise that they would see to it before I die...take me in my wheel chair if they have too but please let me feel it and hear it in person.
  • bolognesa70
    Posted on 21 Oct 2012

    Es el bolero de Ravel o la MEDITACION de otro autor que no recuerdo ? De todos modos es espectacular !!!
  • dharma
    Posted on 25 Jun 2012

    How beautiful...good for ones soul....
  • Greenbee
    Posted on 15 May 2012

    I think its beautiful. Who cares if its been done before . What a great idea - Every Time How lovely to have such an experience !
    It must have been frustrating for those who could not watch due to train timetable but possibly worth missing a train for !
    I wonder if anyone did ?
  • Michel
    Posted on 17 Mar 2012

    Quelle plus belle démonstration de l'universalité de la musique, pour rapprocher les peuples, que cet évenement?

  • evaMaOr
    Posted on 14 Mar 2012

    Fantastic piece of music , conductor, musicians, videographers did a remarkable job. Bring joy to faces , smile, tears, Bravo Copenhagen!!! Thanks the Artist, thanks for sharing
  • helenelatourvid
    Posted on 5 Mar 2012
    Edited on 5 Mar 2012

  • syemjeaolcom
    Posted on 10 Feb 2012

    un pur grand bonheur je regrette seulement de ne pas y être
    j'en ai la chair de poules bravos aux musiciens pour cette initiative
  • danielle
    Posted on 30 Jan 2012

    Un grand bravo à tous ces musiciens pour cette intiative ! Je suis heureuse d'avoir partagé cet intense moment d'émotion !
  • geludori2004yah
    Posted on 29 Jan 2012
    Edited on 29 Jan 2012

    [deleted by author]
  • AldoRossi
    Posted on 16 Jan 2012
    Edited on 16 Jan 2012

    Simply wonderful. Thanks for sharing!
  • artslover
    Posted on 14 Jan 2012

    Rewatching for third time, and love it. A must-share event.
  • goldenboy12
    Posted on 15 Jan 2012

    re: artslover's comment
    I loved it .BUT the camera work was not good.They should have filmed the musicians as they were arriving,instead it seemed they materialized all at once.The idea is inspiring and exciting i'd loved to have been there while it was happening.
  • adele
    Posted on 10 Jan 2012

    What a wonderful expression of the commonality of man! This was pure, shared enjoyment of music without any extraneous trappings. Lucky were the participants!
  • gbobbi
    Posted on 8 Jan 2012

    This was just too much fun to absorb all at once. I guess when you see someone walk up with a basson and a music stand you should know it is something you will never see again. Why shouldn't the "masses" have some kind of exposure to wonderful music performed by tremendously talented performers?
  • daolee
    Posted on 7 Jan 2012

    Quelle belle façon de faire connaître la très belle musique auprès des enfants! Avez-vous remarquer le nombre de personne qui s'est aglutiné en quelques minutes? C'est fantastique! Que je voudrais donc que ce soit de même au Canada. Merci au nom de tous.
  • Chris
    Posted on 25 Jan 2012

    re: daolee's comment
    Si vous demerez sur la rive sud de Montreal, il y a souvent un quatuor au metro Longueuil qui nous fait vibrer au son de Ravel, Pachebel, et j'en passe. Verifier avec l'orchetre de Longueuil ;)
  • citymarketgirl
    Posted on 6 Jan 2012

    Isn't it interesting that there are those who want to let us all know how much they know about this music by being critics? This event is a BLAST I wish I could have been there. Of course, it is not a concert hall performance ,,, but it represents the very best spirit of making music. A quote from Michelle Shocked ... "Music is way too important to be left in the hands of professionals" . Music is for everybody!!!
  • AGMCon
    Posted on 4 Jan 2012

    I realize that this sort of performance has been done before, but it never fails to impress. What is really fascinating is watching the specific instrument being played and its’ relationship to the overall structure of the piece. Just loved it. And, don’t laugh, but I sometimes perform a quicker version of my Tai Chi sets to this.
  • esteves
    Posted on 29 Dec 2011

    que l'on multiplie ce genre d'évènements dans les lieux les plus divers ( voir gare d'Amsterdam, musée de Valence en Espagne )....que l'Art et la simplicité nous touchet dans nore quotidien. !
  • nip
    Posted on 1 Jan 2012

    re: esteves' comment
    We did it three times yet in Toulouse: last one was Carmen a cappella in Matabiau train station:
    Indeed, it is a real pleasure for both choristers and people passing by.
  • piglet
    Posted on 18 May 2012

    re: nip's comment
    i live about 50 kms from Toulouse an never heard about it ,next time a post about a week before svp ;-) pieces like RB always make your hairs stand up an give you a shiver and im old enough to remember torvil an dean !-(
  • nip
    Posted on 18 May 2012

    re: piglet's comment
    Dommage ! difficile de se faire connaître avant. Il y a quelques projets sous le coude, mais on communique plutôt par email.
  • Manners17
    Posted on 27 Dec 2011

    This was amazing! The unexpected joy of music, you could see on faces that some people really got the whole flashmob concept. This was positive, it was great. Thank you artist !
  • Martins
    Posted on 17 Dec 2011

    Det lød rigtig godt
  • davbad
    Posted on 13 Dec 2011

    I believe this link will also make many of you smile as well. It has to everyone with whom I have previously shared. Enjoy.
  • tomtrevahan
    Posted on 8 Jan 2012

    re: davbad's comment
    Outstanding. Made me smile!
  • vivillamusic
    Posted on 13 Dec 2011

    wonderfull to think the whole world has the oportunity to to has such a facinating experience with such advance technology and to think some australians are trying to deny our rollout of the NBN I believe we should go back to the old times when our musicians played in the park of a sunday ,true amazing !!!!
  • Jilliana
    Posted on 11 Dec 2011

    I wonder if the organizer of this wonderful event had read Edward Be Bono's book 'Letters to the thinker'. About creativity and Lateral thinks yes!!!!!
  • SherryWine
    Posted on 11 Dec 2011

    Pure Listening Pleasure !!
  • Azwolf
    Posted on 10 Dec 2011

    Just think, as you watch the video, of all the training it took to play those instrments. That is one of the greatest pieces of music to listen to. I thought the young lady who played the flute was perfect.
  • Skiddlebob
    Posted on 8 Dec 2011

    Wonderful idea, although it's been done before. This shortened version of the Bolero was nicely done.
  • Gloria
    Posted on 8 Dec 2011

    re: Skiddlebob's comment
    Brilliant, even though I was waiting for the appearance of "Torvill and Dean!"
  • charlieboy
    Posted on 21 Oct 2011
    Edited on 21 Oct 2011

    What a nice idea! Still the result does not sound quite as harmonic as it should, keeping in mind that the strings are being played by professionals. Some fine-tuning should have been possible, despite the unusual venue. And the lead-clarinet must have been borrowed from a Romanian klezmer-band...
  • ohplease
    Posted on 7 Nov 2011

    re: charlieboy's comment
    Charlieboy, get a life perspective. It's a free concert at a TRAIN STATION...
  • lindachreno
    Posted on 15 Oct 2011

    what a remarkable event - and I love that everyone could be very close to the musicians so that they could be seen doing something they love to do - play music! Too often when we attend a concert, we are so far from the musicians that we cannot see their expressions as they play.
  • dapipes
    Posted on 13 Oct 2011

    Having stood in that very spot, rushed, overheated, lost and confused and alone- it seems like a dream to see and hear this bit of heaven! I wish I had been there to experience that moment in time. Very fortunate people moving through the station that day. Blessings on the musicians, conductor, videographers and spectators!
  • Morganna
    Posted on 8 Oct 2011
    Edited on 8 Oct 2011

    In a world where everyone is in such a rush to get somewhere, be somewhere..the earth stood still for those at the railway station that day..and for me in the everlasting moments I shared surreptitiously with them all this afternoon..thank you to she who sent this link to me..I am forever changed as a result...stop and smell the flowers and listen to them grow the child in the pink jacket who delights in the sounds ...and the woman who, without care , appears to be reliving a moment in time...alone yet surrounded by the crowd of others.......
  • AllegatorBaby
    Posted on 1 Oct 2011

    My Grandmother gave this wonderful piece of music to me as a Christmas gift when I was a high school student in 1953 on a 45 rpm record. I treasured it.
  • Waltzaddict
    Posted on 25 Sep 2011

    What an amazing performance! I got sent this as a 'click-on' in an email - what a delightful surprise!
    At one and the same time the orchestra are 'playing about' and playing Bolero note-perfect. Even the station announcement (just the one) didn't intrude.
    The fact that it is one of my favourite pieces of music was a bonus of course, but it could have been anything that the orchestra could carry their instruments to.
    My immediate response is 'well - we've got the proms in the park, but we could do this, or something like it, in many places - and not just in London'.
    How could we go about 'persuading' the 'powers that be'?
    Oh - and that post 'deleted by author' - I had rushed to type up my rave review (after having listened/watched it twice) but I overlooked the little detail of logging on, and when it didn't work I got even sillier - and got agitated about "web sites that don't work (continued on page 94)" - it think it's becoming a classic - fingers
    to keyboard before engaging brain.
  • Waltzaddict
    Posted on 14 Sep 2011

    [deleted by author]
  • Harmoniamo
    Posted on 16 Aug 2011

    Love such flashes for unexpected delights to the soul ... & as for being ignored, does anyone remember the two fine soprani (sop+mezz) who sang Pergolesi's Stabat Mater in an empty train station somewhere in Canada as the finale to the relevant film? Such occasions bring as many tears to the eye as Ravel's Bolero gives fire to the blood.
  • Camillo
    Posted on 20 Sep 2011

    re: Harmoniamo's comment
    Wasn't the Railway Station Pergolesi featured that incredible film "Jesus of Montreal"? Years since I've seen it, but so powerful it'll stay with me for life.
  • Bernard
    Posted on 13 Aug 2011

    This film of a moving and interesting event in Copenhagen is beautifully made. The way the orchestra gradually built up was impressive, as was the skill of their performance.
    If you enjoyed it, take a look at
    This video was taken as a spontaneously formed choir and orchestra, called RMP (Resistenza Musicale Permanente - Permanent Musical Resistance), sung Mozart's Dies Irae at a huge gathering in Piazza del Popolo in Rome on 13 February against exploitation of women. It sung again on many other occasions: 12 March in defence of the constitution, on 26 March against privatisation of water supplies, on 30 March against an attempt to introduce changes to judicial process, on 5 April for democracy, on 6 May to remember those lost at sea while migrating, with multiple choirs, one singing on a boat which went up the Tiber from the Church of San Bartolomeo to Castel Sant'Angelo. For the latter day, see
    The participants are mixed amateur and professionals and the videos are not professional. But the events generated great interest and support, from all over Italy. This movement is "Allegro moderato". Allegro, because music brings hope and joy. Moderato, to avoid extremes and remain open to all.
  • Claes
    Posted on 11 Aug 2011

    How wonderful !!
    What a great idea !
    Tears in my eyes.....
  • Azwolf
    Posted on 10 Dec 2011

    re: Claes' comment
    I had tears in my eyes as well. There is nothing in this world as great as what we watched. They chose the right music for the video.
  • mrhidwan
    Posted on 11 Aug 2011

    Great performance to brighten somebody's day at such unanticipated venue
  • Bistob
    Posted on 10 Aug 2011
    Edited on 10 Aug 2011

    Great work of music by great men, freely given by God and freely played by these music philanthropists. What a wonderful way to brighten up people's day. Great work men! Great Work. God bless you all.
  • Scratch
    Posted on 18 Aug 2011

    re: Bistob's comment
    Did you not see the women? Perhaps your God excludes them?
  • Dervish
    Posted on 10 Aug 2011
    Edited on 10 Aug 2011

    re: Bistob's comment
    What more can one say? God bless us everyone!
  • vacorkdork
    Posted on 10 Aug 2011

    The looks of awe and surprise speak volumes. I particularly like the Dad who sat down on the ground with his young children to listen. What a wonderful way to bring the gift of music to many people - a chance to pay it forward and touch many in the day!
  • Pierre
    Posted on 3 Aug 2011
    Edited on 3 Aug 2011

    In an otherwise dreary and disheartening day (when congress finally avoided default in the most unseemly capitulation to the Republican blackmail which is bad for the economy, bad for the poor and the middleclass) - this video brought a real smile here - even a few emotional tears. Bravo Copenhagen! (What a contrast to Joshua Bell being largely ignored in a Metro station in D.C.! - See
  • lindachreno
    Posted on 15 Oct 2011

    re: Pierre's comment
    just watched the Copenhagen video - tremendous. But for Joshua Bell - location, location, location! People rushing for a train or to work or for an appointment might not have had a chance to stop even if they wanted to!
  • geludori2004yah
    Posted on 29 Jan 2012

    re: lindachreno's comment
    What kind of reaction of people, from, for exemple, of US-Los Angeles- Metro ?
    Just simple curiosity.
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