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  • mrt
    Posted on 26 Nov 2011

    [deleted by author]
  • dotsanddashes
    Posted on 23 Nov 2011

    Music is a listening experience -- often accompanied by emotions or feelings the music evokes. For some hearing a new performance allows for comparison to older ones or for analysis of the construction of the piece.

    But looking at a bunch of colors,dots, dashes and lines moving "in time" with the music reminds me of a Walt Disney movie I saw as a kid. Then, Fantasia was new and interesting. Now, it is at best distracting and at worst diminishes the real musical experience.
  • Mark0
    Posted on 22 Nov 2011

    Stunning ....made my year
  • Ned
    Posted on 22 Nov 2011

    Definitely increases the appreciation of the complexity of the music. Simplifying the auditory experience because of the point for point explicitness which visual representation allows makes an unsophisticated presentation wonderfully sophisticated . Bravo!.
  • Hedgehog
    Posted on 26 Nov 2011

    re: Ned's comment
    I've been using MIDI for many years so this sort of presentation is not a novelty for me. If it helps you so be it but I personally find this sort of display detracting from the musical experience as would following the musical score. As Beethoven said, "from the heart - to the heart may it go".
  • theusualone
    Posted on 17 Nov 2011

    I am stunned! In my case, my ear has never been able to capture a tenth as much detail and discrimination as my eye can, so what I have received from music is only a fraction of what it can give. But with this piece, (previously found tedious,) presented this way, one time through, my eye has already learned to teach my ear, on multiple levels, what to listen to, which instrument is playing, details my ear would never have realized before. I'm probably not making sense to persons who have always had musical ears, but this experience opens heavenly possibilities for me. Thank you . . . and Brahms.

    Can I possibly actually be the first commenter on this beauty?
  • kisara
    Posted on 23 Nov 2011

    re: theusualone's comment
    This is in reply to "theusualone". My experience with music is similar to yours; in addition, I have always considered myself a near-total music inept. I was never exposed to music growing up; lately in my middle years I am becoming interested, taking a music appreciation class, etc. When I found this website a few weeks ago, I was ecstatic! And tonight when I listened to this piece with just five instruments and the visual for each one, I found I was enjoying, hearing, and following it so much more. Watching and listening at the same time will help me to appreciate music in a more satisfying way. Thank you for coming up with this innovative idea!
  • musanim
    Posted on 21 Nov 2011

    re: theusualone's comment
    You're welcome! I'm glad this worked for you. I've done lots of videos like this, so you might want to look at some of the others.
  • theusualone
    Posted on 22 Nov 2011

    re: musanim's comment
    Since I have just discovered and admired your work, I hope you don't mind if I point out where listeners can find more of it.

    YouTube channel
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