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  • phyllion65
    Posted on 4 Jan 2012

    WOW!!!........Great piece of work and coordination - it warmed the cockles of my heart!
  • Alceous
    Posted on 19 Dec 2011

    I don't know why it produced tears, but it did...
  • ReinaR
    Posted on 19 Dec 2011
    Edited on 19 Dec 2011

    These "mute monks" also are quite fun to watch on YouTube!

  • giannibrio
    Posted on 18 Dec 2011

    A great idea. Very emotional.
  • mjburnham
    Posted on 18 Dec 2011

    What a beautiful display of musical knowledge, coordination, and just plain "guts." These kiddos have to be given recognition; as they were wonderful and humor-filled simultaneously. Just a great show on what the younger generation can produce and display, congratulations.
  • joanie
    Posted on 17 Dec 2011

    What a way to hear and enjoy the Hallelujah Chorus.As well as the children remembering, so will I. Hats off to the personr who got them to do this.Inspired.!
  • scottydog
    Posted on 17 Dec 2011

    Spiritually warming - I've sent this as a Christmas Wish all over the World - Well Done those guys !!
  • Sticky117
    Posted on 17 Dec 2011

    That's a huge amount of work and a lot of fun! Those kids will always remember this wondrous music with affection and love. What a marvellous introduction to Handel!!
  • musicfaire
    Posted on 17 Dec 2011

    An amazing piece of music and an amazing group of kids. God Bless Them All!
  • shomont
    Posted on 16 Dec 2011

    What an amazing teacher that was -- and all those helpers. Thanks.
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