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  • mrabner
    Posted on 27 Oct 2013

    looks like and Angel slowly comming from heavens and playing
  • mrabner
    Posted on 19 Nov 2011

    Impressive , she flgths with the music.Heavens sound.
  • Whinny
    Posted on 21 Aug 2011

    Very impressive; loved the sound; plan to buy CD !!!!
  • MrGPepper
    Posted on 14 Aug 2011

  • L
    Posted on 12 Aug 2011

    Steve Vai is on her disc? That will be incredible! I must hear it somehow.
  • NewtonC
    Posted on 12 Aug 2011

    She's so deliberately cool. Nice, very nice...
  • Jeffry
    Posted on 11 Aug 2011
    Edited on 11 Aug 2011

    Seems likely they recorded the sitting-up take and flew in the reclining shots, which makes for a nice dramatization of the mood and style of the middle section. While I could do without the promotional narcissism, I have in the past found Sharon's playing to be as musical as any classical guitarist of our generation -- though this performance seems more about style than substance.
  • mrhidwan
    Posted on 11 Aug 2011

    Beautiful play
  • rubiomike
    Posted on 10 Aug 2011
    Edited on 10 Aug 2011

    Lovely and unique. Sharon is always especially great with her dynamics, and this rendition is no exception, creating great drama in a piece that is already one of the most dramatic in the classical guitar repertoire. I disagree with bobsound about the precise meter; she really milks the interlude, a risky decision that's bound to inflame some purists. I smiled watching her play while lounging on the sofa. Pretentious? Absolutely! But heck, that's why they call is SHOWbusiness. Nice job, Sharon. I'll certainly buy the recording.
  • bobsound
    Posted on 10 Aug 2011

    The playing has meticulously precise meter, very little tenuto, no expressive, approaching MIDI rhythmic accuracy. The impression I got was that in Isbin's theatrically staged performances ( like the one I heard several years ago at Juilliard or Manhattan School of Music), the costume, the modeling - the whole package is the primary attraction.
    The great flamenco players put enormous emotion into the music. They also got dressed. This video highlights the clearly articulated fingers while the music drones on and on over an unremitting obstinate obstinato, a great commercial for a high end perfume, luxury car. I listened twice- once with my eyes closed. Try it.
  • Pierre
    Posted on 10 Aug 2011

    Spectacular!! Can't wait for the album! (And Nolan's interview.)
  • JohnDoe
    Posted on 10 Aug 2011

    re: Pierre's comment
    i cannot see the video........ any idea whats happening?
  • Pierre
    Posted on 11 Aug 2011

    re: JohnDoe's comment
    Fixed yesterday afternoon: you should be able to enjoy it on iOS platforms.
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