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  • allanon
    Posted on 20 Dec 2011

    I enjoyed listening to the one click concert. There was a lot of variety. I enjoyed the instrumental dance music more than the vocals. Thank you for these presentations their great.
  • bugbuster
    Posted on 23 Apr 2012
    Edited on 23 Apr 2012

    re: allanon's comment
    The energy and vitality of medieval instrumental dance music seems to be one of the best kept secrets in the music world. Every street fair and every movie about those times needs a band of scruffy looking souls playing this wonderfully noisy in-your-face music. When the troubadours show up in your village, you lock up your daughters!
  • mrt
    Posted on 25 Nov 2011

    [deleted by author]
  • ariramosuolcom
    Posted on 15 Nov 2011

    Very concise and useful. Thanks a lot
  • savoytruffle9
    Posted on 19 Jun 2011

    Very helpful guide, thanks!
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