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John Corigliano Composer

The Ghosts of Versailles, (opera)

Performances: 2
Tracks: 45
  • The Ghosts of Versailles, (opera)
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Opera
    • Act I: Prologue: Mon coursier hors d'haleine (Woman with Hat, Louis XVI, Marquis, Gossips, Aristocrats)
    • Act I: All-powerful Queen of Beauty and ruler of my willing heart (Beaumarchais, Marie Antoinette)
    • Act I: Aria: They are always with me: the unbounded waiting, the odor of blood on steel, the terrible sound (Marie Antoinette)
    • Act I: My wife was always hard to please (Louis XVI, Aristocrats, Woman with Hat, Marquis, Gossips, Beaumarchais)
    • Act I: Oh no. Here we go again!! (Chorus, Figaro, Susanna, Almaviva, Aristocrats)
    • Act I: Prologue: They wish they could kill me (Figaro, Marie Antoinette, Woman with Hat, Aristocrats)
    • Act I: Bravo, Beaumarchais! Brilliant! - Then why are you weeping, your Majesty? (Louis XVI, Beaumarchais, Marie Antoinette, Aristocrats)
    • Act I: Magic! It is Paris, the autumn of '93 (Beaumarchais, Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, Almaviva)
    • Act I: And with the one million pounds, grant Her Majesty a safe refuge in the New World (Almaviva, Figaro, Susanna, Louis XVI, Wilhelm)
    • Act I: Fool! Idiot! Moron! You forgot where Almaviva plans to sell the jewels? (Begearss, Wilhelm, Aristocrats, Marie Antoinette)
    • Act I: Recitative: I can't wait to betray Almaviva (Begearss, Florestine)
    • Act I: Aria: Oh, the lion may roar and the eagle may soar. (Begearss)
    • Act I: I remember, Master, I remember! (Wilhelm, Begearss, Susanna, Figaro, Aristocrats, Woman with Hat)
    • Act I: Poor Florestine, I pity her. (Marie Antoinette, Beaumarchais, Louis XVI, Aristocrats)
    • Act I: New Scene: Rosina's boudoir. They say New York is a lively town (Beaumarchais, Louis XVI, Begearss, Rosina, Almaviva)
    • Act I: Now we go back in time - Cherubino, Cherubino (Rosina, Beaumarchais, Cherubino)
    • Act I: Duet: Look at the green here in the glade (Beaumarchais, Rosina, Cherubino, Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI)
    • Act I: No. I've had enough. I see what's happening here (Louis XVI, Beaumarchais, Woman with Hat, Aristocrats, Marie Antoinette, Marquis, Chorus)
    • Act I: Finale: Selamunaleykum, (Welcome!) (Pasha, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Leon, Florestine, Almaviva, Rosina, Susanna, Marquis, Beaumarchais, Begearss)
    • Act I: Finale: His Excellency, the English Ambassador (Page, English Ambassador, Almaviva, Pasha)
    • Act I: Finale: I am in a valley and you are in a valley (Samira, Pasha)
    • Act I: Finale: Ya omri. Limatha hajartani? (Samira, Figaro, Chorus)
    • Act I: Finale: Tafaddaloo marhabun bikoom - Shall we? (Figaro, Chorus, Almaviva, English Ambassador, Begearss, Wilhelm, Marie Antoinette, Aristocrats, Florestine, Rosina, Susanna)
    • Act II: Hurry, hurry… It's late! The second act is beginning! (Beaumarchais, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Almaviva, Marquis, Susanna, Florestine, Woman with Hat, Rosina)
    • Act II: Watch. Now Figaro comes back (Beaumarchais, Louis XVI, Almaviva, Susanna, Figaro, Marie Antoinette, Florestine, Rosina, Woman with Hat, Marquis)
    • Act II: Wait!… Figaro was supposed to return the necklace (Beaumarchais, Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, Woman with Hat, Marquis
    • Act II: Damn that Figaro. He's your husband (Almaviva, Marquis, Susanna, Woman with Hat, Marie Antoinette, Florestine, Rosina)
    • Act II: Duet: As summer brings a wistful breeze (Susanna, Rosina, Marie Antoinette, Leon)
    • Act II: And now I must go - Bless you, Madam, bless you (Rosina, Susanna, Figaro, Beaumarchais, Marie Antoinette)
    • Act II: What is happening? (Susanna, Marie Antoinette, Figaro, Chorus)
    • Act II: Antoinette, we want your head! - Order! Order! (Chorus, Beaumarchais)
    • Act II: Marie Antoinette of Lorraine and Austria (Marie Antoinette, Chorus, Beaumarchais, Figaro)
    • Act II: Monarchy. Revolution. It's all the same to me - Women of Paris, listen! (Begearss, Chorus)
    • Act II: Welcome, Madeleine, welcome (Rosina, Aristocrats, Almaviva, Florestine, Bishop, Leon)
    • Act II: Quartet: Remember the chestnut trees in the gardens of the Tuileries? (Leon, Florestine, Almaviva, Rosina)
    • Act II: I hope I'm not too late for your party (Begearss, Almaviva, Aristocrats, Rosina, Leon, Florestine, Chorus, Figaro, Beaumarchais, Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, Wilhelm, Susanna)
    • Act II: Interlude
    • Act II: I am very well, my dear Marquis (Duchess, Aristocrats, Marquis, Wilhelm, Chorus, Rosina, Florestine, Susanna, Leon, Almaviva)
    • Act II: Quintet: O God of love, O Lord of light (Almaviva, Rosina, Florestine, Leon, Susanna, Marie Antoinette)
    • Act II: We are finished - Farewell, my faithful friend (Susanna, Rosina, Florestine, Leon, Almaviva, Figaro, Duchess, Beaumarchais, Wilhelm)
    • Act II: Look, her breathing is diminished (Florestine, Rosina, Almaviva, Beaumarchais, Figaro, Leon, Wilhelm, Susanna, Begearss, Duchess, Chorus)
    • Act II: Goodbye, Figaro. Goodbye, Beaumarchais (Beaumarchais, Marie Antoinette)
    • Act II: Aria : No, Beaumarchais. It is as it should have been. Once there was a golden bird (Marie Antoinette, Beaumarchais)
    • Act II: Come, Antonia (Beaumarchais, Chorus)

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