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John Adams

John Adams Composer

The Gospel According To The Other Mary, oratorio

Performances: 1
Tracks: 37
  • The Gospel According To The Other Mary, oratorio
    Genre: Oratorio
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Act 1.Scene 1: The Next Day In The City Jail We Were Searched For Drugs
    • Act 1.Now A Certain Woman Named Martha Welcomed Him Into Her House
    • Act 1.Scene 2: And She Had A Sister Named Mary
    • Act 1.I Am Surprised That I Am Beginning To Pray Daily
    • Act 1.Chorus: En un día de amor
    • Act 1.Scene 3: Now A Certain Man Was Sick, Named Lazarus
    • Act 1.Lazarus Dies
    • Act 1.Why Standest Thou Afar Off, Lord?
    • Act 1.In My Own Quietly Explosive Here
    • Act 1.Don’t Touch My Left Arm!
    • Act 1.When Mary Was Come Where Jesus Was
    • Act 1.Jesus Said, Take Ye Away The Stone
    • Act 1.Lazarus Rises From The Dead
    • Act 1.Chorus: Drop Down, Ye Heavens
    • Act 1.Scene 4: Supper At Bethany
    • Act 1.For The Grave Cannot Praise Thee
    • Act 1.Mary Washes The Feet Of Jesus
    • Act 1.Scene 5: And There Were Some Who Had Indignation Within Themselves
    • Act 1.We Know There Will Be No Utopias
    • Act 1.Tell Me: How Is This Night Different From All Other Night?
    • Act 2.Chorus: Who Rips His Flesh Down The Seams
    • Act 2.Scene 1: Arrest Of Jesus
    • Act 2.Scene 2: Arrest Of The Women
    • Act 2.Up At Two A.M., Picketed All Day…
    • Act 2.The Said Defendants, On Or About August 2nd
    • Act 2.Prayer Of The Mexican Women
    • Act 2.Scene 3: Golgotha
    • Act 2.Daughters Of Jerusalem, Weep Not For Me
    • Act 2.Now There Stood At The Cross Of Jesus…
    • Act 2.When Jesus Saw His Mother…
    • Act 2.Scene 4: Night
    • Act 2.His Son Cried Out To Him…
    • Act 2.Scene 5: The Sepulchre; Mary’s Awakening
    • Act 2.Mary Awakes At Dawn
    • Act 2.Chorus: It Is Spring
    • Act 2.Scene 6: Earthquake And Recognition
    • Act 2.Why Seek Ye The Living Among The Dead?

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