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John Christopher Smith Composer

The Seasons, oratorio for soloists, chorus and orchestra

Performances: 1
Tracks: 34
  • The Seasons, oratorio for soloists, chorus and orchestra
    Genre: Oratorio
    Pr. Instrument: Chorus/Choir
    • 1.Sinfonia
    • 2.Larghetto
    • 3.Chorus. The seasons, as they change
    • 4.The Spring. Sinfonia
    • 5.Recitative. Forth in the pleasing Spring
    • 6.Air. Wide glow the fields
    • 7.Summer. Pastorale
    • 8.Recitative. Then comes Thy glory
    • 9.Air. Chorus. And oft Thy voice
    • 10.Autumn. Sinfonia
    • 11.Recitative. A yellow floating pomp
    • 12.Air. Thrown from Thy lap
    • 13.Air. In Winter dreadful Thou
    • 14.Air. On the whirlwinds' wing
    • 15.Chorus. Mysterious round
    • 16.Chorus. Nature, attend
    • 17.Air. To Him, ye gales
    • 18.Chorus. Oh talk of Him in solitary glooms
    • 19.Accompagnato. And ye, whose bolder note
    • 20.Air. His praise, ye brooks, attune
    • 21.Trio. Ye headlong torrents
    • 22.Chorus. Ye headlong torrents
    • 23.Recitative. Roll up your incense
    • 24.Air. Ye Forests bend
    • 25.Recitative. Ye that keep watch in heaven
    • 26.Air. Ye that keep watch in heaven
    • 27.Accompagnato. Great source of day
    • 28.Duetto. The thunder rolls
    • 29.Recitative. Bleat out afresh
    • 30.Air. For the Great Shepherd reigns
    • 31.Accompagnato. Ye woodlands all, awake
    • 32.Air. Sweetest of birds
    • 33.Recitative. Ye chief
    • 34.Chorus. Crown the great hymn

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