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Béla Bartók

Béla Bartók Composer

The Miraculous Mandarin, Op.19, BB82 (pantomime)

Performances: 19
Tracks: 195
  • The Miraculous Mandarin, Op.19, BB82 (pantomime)
    Year: 1918-19
    Genre: Ballet
    Pr. Instrument: Orchestra
    • 1.Beginning
    • 2.First Seduction Game: The Shabby Old Rake
    • 3.Second Seduction Game
    • 4.Third Seduction Game
    • 5.The Mandarin enters and remains immobile in the doorway...
    • 6.The girl sinks down to embrace him...
    • 7.The tramps leap out, seize the Mandarin and tear him away from the girl...
    • 8.Suddenly the Mandarin's head appears between the pillows and he looks longingly at the girl
    • 9.The terrified tramps discuss how they are to get rid of the Mandarin at last
    • 10.The body of the Mandarin begins to glow with a greenish blue light
    • 11.Più mosso. Vivo: She resists no longer, they embrace

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