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Zoltán Kodály

Zoltán Kodály Composer

Szekely fono (The Transylvanian Spinning Room), operatic folk-ballad in one act

Performances: 1
Tracks: 21
  • Szekely fono (The Transylvanian Spinning Room), operatic folk-ballad in one act
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Opera
    • Scene 1: Elmenyek … (Far away I'm going) / A citrusfa levelestol (We must part, my dearest love...; Lover, Housewife)
    • Scene 3: Nekem olyan emberecske kene (Oh I want a young and handsome husband; Women's chorus)
    • Scene 3: Ures ladam az ajtoba (Empty the chest, nothing doing; Women's chorus, Girl)
    • Scene 3: Szomoru fuzfanak (See the weeping willows; Housewife)
    • Scene 3: En elmentem a vasarra (Once I went to market; Housewife)
    • Scene 4: Jok a leanyok (Every girl is good and charming; Chorus of youths and girls) / No.8. (Pantomime)
    • Scene 4: Bizony csak meghalok (I am dying surely, mother; Youth, Neighbour, Women's chorus, Girl, Housewife)
    • Scene 5: Jaj, kedves batyam! (Ah me, ah me, dearest Brother!; Women's chorus, Girl, Housewife, Neighbour)
    • Scene 5: Hess, legy (Shoo. shoo buzzing fly; Women's chorus, Chorus of youths)
    • Scene 5: Te tul rozsam (O my love; Housewife, Women's chorus)
    • Scene 6: Most jottem Erdelybol (I have but just arrived; The flea)
    • Scene 6: Egy nagyoru bolha (Long Nose comes a calling; Chorus)
    • Scene 6: A csitari hegyek alatt (From far distant snow-capped; Girl, Youth)
    • Scene 6: El kene indulni (Wise it were and timely; The flea)
    • Scene 6: Jaj! Jojjon haza edesanyam! (Heigh! Come home quickly, mother dearest; Housewife)
    • Scene 6: Az hol en elmenyek (I rove, I look around; Lover)
    • Scene 6: Pantomime
    • Scene 7:Tolem a nap ugy telik el (Shades of eve are slowly faliing; Housewife)
    • Scene 7: Interlude
    • Scene 7: Jaj, de szepen cseng a lapi (Softly chime the leaves together; Chorus, Housewife)
    • Scene 7: Mondd meg rozsam (Tell me dearest are you still my true love; Lover, Housewife, Chorus, Youth, Gril)

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