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Ernst von Dohnányi

Ernst von Dohnányi Composer

Aunt Simona (Tante Simona), opera, Op.20

Performances: 1
Tracks: 11
  • Aunt Simona (Tante Simona), opera, Op.20
    Year: 1911
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Opera
    • Overture
    • Song and Opening scene: Harmat lepte uton altal (My chestnut mare shrinks from passinga ... ; Florio, Ghino, Beatrice, Giacinta, Nuto)
    • Duet: Grof ur! (Count!) (Ghino, Florio)
    • Duet: Te lany tul hosszan alszol (Girl, you sleep too much; Simona, Beatrice)
    • Scene and Duet: Hajjaj! Az orrom rosszat erez! (Oh-oh! I smell something fishy!; Beatrice, Giacinta)
    • Aria and Duet: Ferfi nelkul szivem faj (Without a man my heart aches ...; Giacinta, Beatrice, Ghino)
    • Scene: Nos, Nuto ... minden keszen alljon! (Well, Nuto ... everything should be ready!; Simona, Beatrice, Ghino, Nuto)
    • Scene: Na, szepen allunk! (A fine situation indeed; Giacinta, Florio, Simona)
    • Duet: Pardon! Ez puszta tevedes ... (I beg your pardon!; Simona, Florio)
    • Ensemble: Tan nem feledte meg! (Perhaps you haven't forgotten!; Simona, Florio, Beatrice, Giacinta, Ghino)
    • Scene and Finale: Pardon, bocsanat! (I beg your pardon, excuse us!; Simona, Beatrice, Giacinta, Ghino, Florio, Nuto)

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