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Zoltán Kodály

Zoltán Kodály Composer

Bicinia hungarica, Book 1

Performances: 1
Tracks: 39
  • Bicinia hungarica, Book 1
    Genre: Solo Song / Lied / Chanson
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • 2.Ez a labam (This leg of mine)
    • 10.Lassan (Slowly)
    • 11.Hej! Dunarol fuj a szel (The wind is blowing from the Danube)
    • 14.Frissen (Briskly)
    • 15.Lisztet penzen vettem (I paid money for flour)
    • 16.Indulo (March)
    • 18.Lendulettel (With spirit)
    • 19.Jaj Istenem, a vilag (O my God, what this world is like)
    • 20.Kiszaradt a diofa (The walnut tree has died)
    • 21.Viragzik a kokenyfa (The blackthorn is blooming)
    • 22.Elenken (Vividly)
    • 23.Vasarhelyi piacon (At the town market)
    • 24.A zserei temetobe' van egy to (There is a pond in the cemetery)
    • 25.Hatarozottan (Resolutely)
    • 27.Elenken (Vividly)
    • 30.Egy, ketto, harom (One, Two, Three)
    • 32.Keine Angaben (In a hurry)
    • 33.Esik eso, azik a heveder (It's raining, the girth is getting wet)
    • 34.Az igaz bolcs (The true sage)
    • 35.Felsoszeli magas torony (The high spire of the village)
    • 37.Nem hitted, hogy katona leszek en (You didn't believe I'd become a soldier)
    • 39.Edesanyam kiallott a kapuba (My mother has stood at the gate)
    • 40.De meguntam Ferenc Jozsit szolgalni (I am tired of serving the Emperor)
    • 42a.Feher liliomszal (White lily)
    • 42.Feher liliomszal (White lily)
    • 44.Bator lendulettel (With brave spirit)
    • 45.Csutortokon hajnalba (At dawn on Thursday)
    • 47.Lassan (Slowly)
    • 48.Misoxenia (Hatred of foreigners)
    • 49.Nyugodtan (Quietly)
    • 50.Ho, te, Gyurka, ho te ho! (Hey, George)
    • 51.Tobbfele tempoban (In various tempi)
    • 53.Nyugodtan (Quietly)
    • 54.A taksonyi legenyek (The lads of Taksony)
    • 55.Lepest (At walking pace)
    • 56.Lezd a bakat (Look at the foot-soldier)
    • 59.Leanyszepseg (Maiden beauty)
    • 60.Miatyank (Our Father)

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