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Zoltán Kodály

Zoltán Kodály Composer

Bicinia Hungarica, Book 4

Performances: 1
Tracks: 39
  • Bicinia Hungarica, Book 4
    Genre: Solo Song / Lied / Chanson
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • 121.Vejnemojnen fohasza (Wajnamionen's Prayer), Tolem semmi ki nem telne
    • 123.Csevegni jottunk, gazdurunk (Our Host, We Have Come to Chat), … ejjeli vendegek
    • 125.Miert vagyok anyam gyereke (Why Am I My Mother's Child?), … barcsak madar lennek
    • 126.Fut a nyul (The Hare Is Running), … nyul es kutya
    • 128.Begyes cinkek (Our Full-bosomed Titmouse Is Staying Here, Too)
    • 129.Hazunk elott all apank (In Front of Our House Stands My Father), … visszanezo
    • 130.Hosszu ejszaka (The Night Is Long, What Will Shorten It?)
    • 132.Ime en, az anyam haszontalan gyereke (Alas, Me, the Worthless Son of My Mother), … a haszontalan
    • 133.Az apam padloja (My Father's Floor Is a Yellow Floor), … Ronto Palek
    • 136.Mig a kendo rojtja (The Girl Lives While the Fringes of Her Sarf Live), … mit is erunk?
    • 137.Reten epit a madar tanyat (The Bird Builds Its Shelter in the Meadow), … szegeny sorsa
    • 139.Mit bankodol sotet erdo? (Why Are You Grieving, You Dark Forest?), … mit bankodol?
    • 141.Ha szolok is az sem lesz jo (If I Speek, It Won't Be Good), … sehogy se jo
    • 142.Pirkad mar keleten (The Day Is Breaking in The East), … hajnali elmelkedes
    • 144.Elmegyunk a varosba (We're Going to Town), … mak es konkoly
    • 147.Hat eves a mi pejkonk (Our Day Horse Is Six Years Old), … leanykerok
    • 148.Folyik a viz (The Steam Is Running, the Bank Stands Still), … folyoviz az elet
    • 151.Apam engem vet a jegre (My Father Throwing Me Onto the Ice), … hideget, meleget turni
    • 152.Szabo Pista a reten (Szabo Pista in the Meadow Is Busily Mowing the Grass), … szenagyujtok
    • 154.Arok partjan lenvirag (The Flax Is Just Blooming On the Other Side of the Ditch), … virag-bogancs
    • 155.Nyirfan kakukk ul (A Cuckoo Is Sitting On the Birch), … eltevedt
    • 156.Faradt mar a ket lovacska (The Two Little Horses Are Tired), … utazas
    • 158.Elvisszuk a fenyot (We'll Take the Pine Away), … a fenyo java
    • 159.Miert is hoztal vilagra (Why Did You Give Life To Me?), … a szegeny arva panasza
    • 160.Jatszik a lany (The Maid is Playling While She Is in Her Teens), … nagyok, kicsinyek
    • 162.A nyul ijedos (The Hare Is Easily Frightened), … a nyul elete
    • 163.Sotet ejjel szulettem (I Was Born In a Dark Night), … feketek, szokek
    • 164.Furosztott tejbe, vajba (My Father And My Mother Pampered Me), … elado lany
    • 165.Akkor szep a kicsi fenyo (The Young Pine Is Beautiful), … fenyo, nyir, lany
    • 166.Ime, itt all ez a szan (Behold, Here Stands This Sledge, It's Black), … fekete szan
    • 168.Az ujjam fenyes ezustgyuruvel ekes (My Finger Is Adorned With a Bright Silver Ring), … habozas
    • 169.Kertemben mogyoro (In my garden here's a hazel bush), … kendo
    • 170.De szeles a mezo (How Wide Is the Field), … kaszas legeny
    • 172.Mit nezitek a derekam? (Why Are You Looking at My Waist?), … fiatalsag
    • 173.Utca, utca, miert vagy fuvel boritva (Path, Path, Why Are You Covered With Grass?), … banat utca
    • 174.Minap a kereki vasaron (I Bought a Blue Ribbon At the Kerek Fair the Other Day), … vasarfia
    • 175.A nagy reten lagy feheresen (In the Large Meadow the Flower Is Bending), … harmat, konny
    • 178.Ifju (legeny) leany arra valo (The Young Lad Is Meant To Laugh), … ifjusag, vidamsag
    • 180.Suru a berek (The Grove Is Dense), … asszonysors

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