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Adam de la Halle

Adam de la Halle Composer

Le jeu de Robin et de Marion

Performances: 4
Tracks: 43
  • Le jeu de Robin et de Marion
    Year: c.1280
    Genre: Incidental Music
    Pr. Instrument: Chorus/Choir
    • Scene 1
      • 1.Motet: Robins m'aime
      • 2.Le me repairoie
      • 3.Hé Robin
      • 4.(when along comes a Knight on the lookout)
      • 5.Vous perdés vo paine
      • 6.(but Marion means no when she says so)
      • 7.Bergeronnete sui
      • 8.(and the Knight leaves empty-handed)
      • 9.Trairi deluriau
    • Scene 2
      • 1.Hé Robechon leure leure va
      • 2.(and tastes some of her fare)
      • 3.Vous l'orrés bien dire
      • 4.(and tests her fidelity)
      • 5.Bergeronnete douche baisselete
      • 6.(and she tests his dancing prowess)
      • 7.Robin par l'ame
      • 8.(and Robin goes for reinforcements)
      • 9.(his manly cousins)
      • 10.Motet: De ma dame. Dieus. Omnes
    • Scene 3
      • 1.(Robin rounds up guests for the party)
      • 2.Motet: Robins m'aime. Portare No.2
    • Scene 4
      • 1.(The Knight returns to find his bird)
      • 2.J'oi Robin flagoler
      • 3.(beats up Robin and kidnaps Marion)
      • 4.Hé resveille toi Robin
      • 5.(but Robin is aroused to the point of valour)
    • Scene 5
      • 1.(Marion sees off the Knight, her friends roll up)
      • 2.Aveuc tele compaignie (tous)
      • 3.(and it's time for all kinds of party games)
    • Scene 6
      • 1.(Robin rescues a sheep, declares his love)
      • 2. J'ai encore un tel pasté
      • 3.(and promises some delicacies of his own)
      • 4.Que jou ai un tel capon
      • 5.(when she returns)
    • Scene 7
      • 1.(Robin brings a pair of horns to the party)
      • 2.Audigier
      • 3.(gets over his jealousy and gets everyone on their feet)
      • 4.Venés apres moi
      • 5.Motet: Robins m'aime. Portare No.3

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