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Sir Arthur Sullivan

Sir Arthur Sullivan Composer

The Pirates of Penzance (operetta)

Performances: 14
Tracks: 112
  • The Pirates of Penzance (operetta)
    Year: 1879
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Act 1
      • 1.Overture
      • 2.Pour, oh pour the pirate sherry
      • 3.When Fred'ric was a little lad
      • 4.Oh, better far to live and die
      • 5.Oh, false one, you have deceived me
      • 6.Climbing over rocky mountain
      • 7.Stop! ladies, pray! A man!
      • 8.Oh, is there not one maiden beast
      • 9.Oh, sisters, deaf to pity's name
      • 10.Poor wand'ring one!
      • 11.What ought we to do, gentle sisters, say?
      • 12.How beautifully blue the sky
      • 13.Stay, we must not lose our senses
      • 14.Hold, monsters!
      • 15.I am the very model of a modern major-general
      • 16.Oh, men of dark and dismal fate
      • 17.Hail Poetry, thou heav'n born maid!
      • 18.You may go, for you're at liberty
      • 19.Pray observe the magnanimity
      • 20.Finale: I'm telling a terrible story
    • Act 2
      • 1.Oh, dry the glist'ning tear
      • 2.Then Fred'ric, let your escort lion-hearted
      • 3.When the foeman bares his steel
      • 4.Now for the pirates lair!
      • 5.When you had left our pirate fold
      • 6.Away, away, my heart's on fire
      • 7.All is prepared
      • 8.Stay, Fred'ric stay!
      • 9.Ah, leave me not to pine alone and desolate
      • 10.Oh, here is love and here is truth
      • 11.No, I'll be brave
      • 12.Sergeant approach
      • 13.Policeman's Song: When a felon's not engaged in his employment
      • 14.A rollicking band of pirates we
      • 15.With cat-like tread
      • 16.Hush! Hush! Not a word
      • 17.Sighing softly to the river
      • 18a.Finale: Now what is this, and what is that
      • 18b.Finale: We triumph now
      • 18c.Finale: Away with them, and place them at the bar
      • 18d.Finale: Poor wand'ring ones, though ye have surely strayed

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