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Sir Arthur Sullivan

Sir Arthur Sullivan Composer

The Gondoliers (The King of Barataria; operetta)

Performances: 9
Tracks: 74
  • The Gondoliers (The King of Barataria; operetta)
    Year: 1889
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Act 1
      • 1.Overture
      • 2.List and learn
      • 3.Good morrow pretty maids
      • 4.For the merriest fellows are we
      • 5.See see at last. Buongiorno, Signorine!
      • 6.We're called gondolieri
      • 7.And now to choose our brides
      • 8.Thank you gallant gondolieri
      • 9.From the sunny Spanish shore
      • 10.In enterprise of marital kind
      • 11.O rapture, when alone together
      • 12.Duet: There was a time
      • 13.I stole the prince
      • 14.But bless my heart. Quintet: Try we life long
      • 15.Bridegroom and bride!
      • 16.When a merry maiden marries
      • 17a.Finale: Kind Sir you cannot have the heart
      • 17b.Finale: Do not give way
      • 17c.Finale: Then one of us will be a queen
      • 17d.Finale: Replying we sing
      • 17e.Finale: For everyone who feels inclined
      • 17f.Finale: Come let's away
      • 17g.Finale: Now Marco dear my wishes hear
      • 17h.Finale: Then away we go
    • Act 2
      • 1.Of happiness the very pith
      • 2.Rising early in the morning
      • 3.Take a pair of sparkling eyes
      • 4.Here we are, at the risk of our lives. After sailing to this island
      • 5.Dance a Cachucha
      • 6.There lived a king
      • 7.In a contemplative fashion
      • 8.March: With ducal pomp
      • 9.On the day when I was wedded
      • 10.To help unhappy commoners / Small titles and orders
      • 11.I am a courtier grave and serious
      • 12.Here is a case unprecedented!
      • 13.Now let the loyal lieges gather round. Finale

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