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George Frideric Handel

George Frideric Handel Composer

Belshazzar, HWV61

Performances: 14
Tracks: 140
  • Belshazzar, HWV61
    Year: 1744
    Genre: Oratorio
    Pr. Instruments: Voice & Chorus/Choir
    • Part 1
      • 1.Overture
      • 2.Recitative: Vain, fluctuating state of human empire!
      • 3.Aria: Thou, God most high, and Thou alone
      • 3a.Recitative: The fate of Babylon, I fear, is nigh
      • 3b.Aria: Lament not thus, oh Queen, in vain!
      • 4.Chorus: Behold, by Persia's hero made
      • 5.Recitative: Well may they laugh; 6.Recitative: Oh memory! Still bitter to my soul!
      • 7.Aria: Opprest with never-ceasing grief
      • 8.Aria: Dry those unavailing tears
      • 9.Recitative: Be comforted: safe though the tyrant seem; 10.Recitative: Methought, as
      • 11.Recitative: Now, tell me, Gobrias
      • 12.Aria: Behold the monstrous human beast
      • 13.Recitative: Can you then think it strange
      • 13a.Aria: Great God! who, yet but darkly known
      • 13b.Recitative: My friends, be confident
      • 14.Chorus: All empires upon God depend
      • 16.Recitative: Rejoice, my countrymen; 17.Recitative: For long ago; 18.Recitative: Thus saith the Lord to Cyrus
      • 15.Aria: O sacred oracles of Truth!
      • 19.Chorus: Sing, oh ye heav'ns!
      • 20.Aria: Let festal joy triumphant reign!
      • 21.Recitative: For you, my friends
      • 22.Aria: The leafy honours of the field
      • 23.Recitative: It is the custom, I may say, the law
      • 24.Chorus: Recall, oh king! thy rash command
      • 25.Recitative: They tell you true
      • 26.Duet: Oh dearer than my life, forebear!
      • 27.Chorus: By slow degrees the wrath of God
    • Part 2
      • 1.Chorus: See, from his post Euphrates flies!
      • 2.Recitative: You see, my friends, a path
      • 3.Aria: Amaz'd to find the foe so near
      • 4.Chorus: To arms, to arms! no more delay!
      • 5.Chorus: Ye tutelar gods of our empire
      • 6.Aria: Let the deep bowl thy praise confess
      • 7.Recitative and Chorus: Where is the God of Judah's boasted pow'r?
      • 8.Recitative: Call all my Wise Men
      • 9.Sinfonia: 'Postillions'
      • 10.Recitative and Chorus: Ye sages! welcome always to your king ... Alas! too hard a task the king imposes
      • 11.Chorus: O misery! O terror!
      • 12.Recitativo. Oh king, live for ever!; 13.Recitative: Art thou that Daniel?
      • 14.Aria: No! to thyself thy trifles be
      • 15.Recitative: Yet, to obey his dread command
      • 16.Recitative: Oh sentence too severe!; 17.Aria: Regard, oh son, my flowing tears
      • 18.Aria: Oh God of Truth!
      • 19.Recitative: You, Gobrias, lead directly to the palace
      • 20.Chorus: Oh glorious prince!
    • Part 3
      • 1.Aria: Alternate hopes and fears
      • 2.Recitative: Fain would I hope
      • 3.Aria: Can the black Aethiop change his skin?
      • 4.Aria: My hopes revive
      • 5.Chorus: Bel boweth down!
      • 6.Aria: I thank thee, Sesach
      • 7.Sinfonia: 'A Martial Symphony'
      • 8.Aria: To pow'r immortal my first thanks
      • 9.Recitative: Be it thy care, good Gobrias; 10.Aria: Destructive War, thy limits know
      • 11.Duet: Great victor, at your feet I bow
      • 12.Recitative: Say, venerable prophet
      • 13.Trio and Chorus: Tell it out among the heathen
      • 14.Recitative:Yes, I will build thy city
      • 15.Duet and Chorus: I will magnify thee

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