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George Frideric Handel

George Frideric Handel Composer

Israel in Egypt, HWV54

Performances: 24
Tracks: 351
  • Israel in Egypt, HWV54
    Year: 1738
    Genre: Oratorio
    Pr. Instruments: Voice & Chorus/Choir
    • Alternate Part 1 (early version)
      • 1.Prelude
      • 2.The sons of Israel do mourn ('The ways of Zion do mourn')
      • 3.He put on righteousness
      • 4.When the ear heard him
      • 5.How is the mighty fall'n
      • 6.He deliver'd the poor
      • 7.How is the mighty fall'n
      • 8.The righteous shall be had
      • 9.Their bodies are buried in peace
      • 10.The people will tell of their wisdom
      • 11.They shall receive a glorious kingdom
      • 12.The merciful goodness of the Lord
    • Part 1 (Part 2 in early version)
      • 1.Recitative (Tenor): Now there arose a new king over Egypt
      • 2.Aria (Alto) and Chorus: And the children of Israel sighed
      • 3.Recitative (Tenor): Then sent He Moses
      • 4.Chorus: They loathed to drink of the river
      • 5.Aria (Alto): Their land brought forth frogs
      • 6.Chorus: He spake the word
      • 7.Chorus: He gave them hailstones for rain
      • 8.Chorus: He sent a thick darkness over all the land
      • 9.Chorus: He smote all the first-born of Egypt
      • 10.Chorus: But as for his people
      • 11.Chorus: Egypt was glad when they departed
      • 12a.Chorus: He rebuked the Red Sea
      • 12b.Chorus: He led them through the deep
      • 12c.Chorus: But the waters overwhelmed their enemies
      • 13a.Chorus: And Israel saw that great work
      • 13b.Chorus: And believed the Lord
    • Part 2 (Part 3 in early version)
      • 14.Introitus (Chorus): Moses and the children of Israel
      • 15.Duet (Soprano, Alto): The Lord is my strength
      • 16.Chorus: He is my God/And I will exalt him
      • 16a.Chorus: He is my God
      • 16b.Chorus: And I will exalt Him
      • 17.Duet (Bass 1, Bass 2): The Lord is a man of war
      • 18.Chorus: The depths have covered them
      • 19.Chorus: Thy right hand, O Lord
      • 20.Chorus: And with the blast of Thy nostrils
      • 21.Aria (Tenor): The enemy said
      • 22.Aria (Soprano): Thou didst blow with the wind
      • 23.Chorus: Who is like unto thee, o Lord/The earth swallowed them
      • 24.Duet (Alto, Tenor); Thou in thy mercy
      • 25.Chorus: The people shall hear
      • 26.Aria (Alto): Thou shalt bring them in
      • 27.Chorus: The Lord shall reign for ever and ever (1)
      • 28.Aria (Tenor): For the horse of Pharaoh
      • 29.Chorus: The Lord shall reign for ever and ever (2)
      • 30.Recitative (Tenor): And Miriam the prophetess
      • 31.Aria (Soprano) and Chorus: Sing ye to the Lord

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