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George Frideric Handel

George Frideric Handel Composer

Samson, HWV57

Performances: 77
Tracks: 302
  • Samson, HWV57
    Year: 1741
    Genre: Oratorio
    Pr. Instruments: Voice & Chorus/Choir
    • Act 1
      • 1.Sinfonia (Overture)
        • 1a.Andante. Adagio
        • 1b.Allegro
        • 1c.Menuetto
      • 2.Sc.1, Recitative: This day, a solemn feast to Dagon held
      • 3a.Sc.1, Chorus: Awake the trumpet's lofty sound!
      • 4.Sc.1, Air: Ye men of Gaza, hither bring
      • 3b.Sc.1, Chorus: Awake the trumpet's lofty sound!
      • 5.Sc.1, Air: Loud as the thunder's awful voice
      • 6.Sc.1, Air: Then free from sorrow, free from thrall
      • 3c.Sc.1, Chorus: Awake the trumpet's lofty sound!
      • 7.Sc.1, Recitative: Why by an angel was my birth foretold
      • 8.Sc.1, Air: Torments alas! are not confin'd
      • 9.Sc.2, Recitative: O charge beyond report, thought, or belief!
      • 10.Sc. 2,Air: O mirror of our fickle state!
      • 11.Sc.2, Recitative: Whom have I to complain of but myself
      • 12.Sc.2, Air: Total eclipse! No sun, no moon
      • 13.Sc.2, Recitative: Since light so necessary is to life
      • 14.Sc.2, Chorus: Oh first created beam! And thou great word!
      • 15.Sc.2, Recitative: Ye see, my friends, how woes enclose me round
      • 16.Sc.3, Recitative: Brethren and men of Dan, say, where is my son
      • 17.Sc.3, Recitative: Oh miserable change! Is this the man
      • 18.Sc.3, Recitative: Oh ever failing trust in mortal strength!
      • 19.Sc.3, Air: God of our fathers, what is man?
      • 20.Sc.3, Recitative: The good we wish for, often proves our bane
      • 21.Sc.3, Air: Thy glorious deed inspir'd my tongue
      • 22.Sc.3, Recitative: Justly these evils have befall'n thy son
      • 23.Sc.3, Recitative: My griefs for this
      • 24.Sc.3, Air: Why does the God of Israel sleep?
      • 25.Sc.3, Recitative: There lies our hope!
      • 26.Sc.3, Chorus: Then shall they know
      • 27.Sc.3, Recitative: For thee, my dearest son; No.28. Recitative: My genial spirits droop
      • 28.Sc.3, Air: Then long eternity shall greet your bliss
      • 29.Sc.3, Chorus: Then round about the starry throne
    • Act 2
      • 1.Sc.1, Recitative: Despair not thus!
      • 2.Sc.1, Air: Just are the ways of God to man
      • 3.Sc.1, Recitative: My evils hopeless are!
      • 4.Sc.1, Air: Return, oh God of hosts!
      • 5.Sc.1, Air: Return, oh God of hosts! 6.Sc.1, Chorus: To dust his glory they would tread
      • 7.Sc.1, Recitative: But who is this?
      • 8.Sc.1, Air: With plaintive notes and am'rous moan
      • 9.Sc.1, Recitative: Alas! Th'event was worse than I foresaw
      • 10.Sc.1, Air: Your charms to ruin led the way
      • 11.Sc.1, Recitative: Forgive what's done
      • 12.Sc.1, Duet: My faith and truth, oh Samson, prove; 13.Sc.2, Chorus: Her faith and
      • 14.Sc.2, Air: To fleeting pleasures make your court
      • 15.Sc.2, Air: To fleeting pleasures make your court; 16.Sc.2, Chorus: Her faith and truth
      • 17.Sc.2, Recitative: Ne'er think of that!
      • 18Sc.2, Duet: Traitor to love! I'll sue no more; 19.Sc.2, Recitative: She's gone!
      • 20.Sc.2, Air: It is not virtue, valour, wit
      • 21.Sc.2, Recitative: Favour'd of Heaven is he
      • 22.Sc.2, Chorus: To man God's universal law
      • 23.Sc.2, Recitative: No words of peace
      • 24.Sc.2, Air: Honour and arms scorn such a foe
      • 25.Sc.2, Recitative: Put on your arms
      • 26.Sc.2, Air: My strength is from the living God
      • 27.Sc.2, Recitative: With thee, a man condemn'd
      • 28.Sc.2, Duet: Go, baffled coward, go
      • 29.Sc.2, Recitative: Here lie the proof
      • 30.Sc.2, Chorus: Hear, Jacob's God, Jehovah hear!
      • 31.Sc.2, Recitative: Dagon, arise! Attend thy sacred feast!
      • 32.Sc.2, Air: To song and dance we give the day
      • 33.Sc.2, Chorus: To song and dance we give the day
      • 34.Sc.2, Chorus: Fix'd in his everlasting seat
    • Act 3
      • 1.Sc.1, Recitative: More trouble is behind
      • 2.Sc.1, Air: Presuming slave, to move their wrath!
      • 3.Sc.1, Recitative: Reflect then, Samson,
      • 4.Sc.1, Chorus: With thunder arm'd great God, arise!
      • 5.Sc.1, Recitative: Be of good courage; I begin to feel
      • 6.Sc.1, Air: Thus when the sun from's wat'ry bed
      • 7.Sc.1, Recitative: With might endu'd
      • 8.Sc.1, Air: The Holy One of Israel be thy guide; 9.Sc.2, Chorus: To fame immortal go
      • 10.Sc.2, Recitative: Old Manoa, with youthful steps,
      • 11.Sc.2, Air: Great Dagon has subdu'd our foe; 12.Sc.2, Chorus: Great Dagon has subd
      • 13.Sc.2, Recitative: What noise of joy was that?
      • 14.Sc.2, Air: How willing my paternal love
      • 15.Sc.12, Recitative: Your hopes of his deliv'ry; 15a.Sc.2: Sinfonia
      • 16.Sc.2, Recitative: Noise call you this?
      • 17.Sc.3, Recitative: Where shall I run?
      • 18.Sc.3, Air: Ye sons of Israel, now lament; 19.Sc.3, Chorus: Weep Israel
      • 20.Sc.3, Recitative: Proceed we hence to find his body
      • 21.Sc.3, Sinfonia: Dead March
      • 22.Sc.3, Recitative and Air: The body comes;
      • 23.Sc.3, Chorus: Glorious hero, may thy grave
      • 24.Sc.3, Recitative: Come, come! No time for lamentation now
      • 25.Sc.3, Air: Let the bright Seraphim
      • 26.Sc.3, Chorus: Let their celestial concerts all unite

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