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George Frideric Handel

George Frideric Handel Composer

Theodora, HWV68

Performances: 32
Tracks: 356
  • Theodora, HWV68
    Year: 1749
    Genre: Oratorio
    Pr. Instruments: Chorus/Choir & Voice
    • Act 1
      • 1.Overture...Trio...Courante
      • 2.Recitative: 'Tis Dioclesian's natal Day
      • 3.Air: Go my faithful Soldier, go
      • 4.Chorus: And draw a Blessing down
      • 5.Recitative: Vouchsafe, dread Sir, a gracious Ear
      • 6.Air: Racks, Gibbets, Sword, and Fire
      • 7.Chorus: For ever thus stands fix'd the Doom
      • 8.Recitative: Most cruel Edict
      • 9.Air: The raptur'd Soul defies the Sword
      • 10.Recitative: I know thy Virtues
      • 11.Air: Descend, kind Pity
      • 12.Recitative: Tho' hard, my Friends, yet Wholesome
      • 13.Air: Fond, flatt'ring World
      • 14.Recitative: O bright Example of all goodness
      • 15.Air: Bane of Virtue
      • 16.Chorus: Come, mighty father
      • 17.Recitative: Fly, fly, my Brethren
      • 18.Air: As with rosy steps the Morn
      • 19.Chorus: All Pow'r in Heav'n above
      • 20.Recitative: Mistaken wretches
      • 21.Air: Dread the Fruits of Christian Folly
      • 22.Recitative: Deluded Mortal; Accompagnato: O worse than Death indeed
      • 23.Air: Angels, ever bright, and fair
      • 24.Recitative: Unhappy, happy Crew
      • 25.Air: Kind heaven, if virtue be thy care
      • 26.Recitative: Oh Love! how great thy Pow'r
      • 27.Chorus: Go, gen'rous, pious Youth
    • Act 2
      • 1.Recitative: Ye Men of Antioch
      • 2.Chorus: Queen of Summer
      • 3.Air: Wide spread his Name
      • 4.Recitative: Return, Septimus
      • 5.Chorus: Venus laughing from the Skies
      • 6.Symphony 1
      • 7.Recitative: O thou bright Sun
      • 8.Air: With Darkness
      • 9.Symphony 2
      • 10.Recitative: But why art Thou disquieted
      • 11.Air: O that I on Wings cou'd rise
      • 12.Recitative: Long have I known
      • 13.Air: Tho' the Honours
      • 14.Recitative: O save her then
      • 15.Air: Deeds of Kindness to display
      • 16.Recitative: The Clouds begin to veil the Hemisphere
      • 17.Air: Defend her, Heav'n
      • 18.Recitative: Or lull'd with Grief
      • 19.Air: Sweet Rose and Lilly
      • 20.Recitative: O save me, Heav'n
      • 21.Air: The Pilgrim's Home
      • 22.Accompagnato: Forbid it, Heav'n; Recitative: Ah! What is liberty
      • 23.Duet: To Thee, Thou glorious Son of worth
      • 24.Recitative: 'Tis night
      • 25.Chorus: He saw the lovely Youth
    • Act 3
      • 1.Air: Lord, to Thee each night and day
      • 2.Recitative: But see, the good, the virtuous
      • 3.Air: When sunk in Anguish and Despair
      • 4.Chorus: Blest be the Hand
      • 5.Recitative: Undaunted in the Court; Accompagnato: O my Ireme, Heav'n is kind
      • 6.Duet: Whither, Princess, do you fly?
      • 7.Recitative: She's gone disdaining liberty and life
      • 8.Aria: New scenes of Joy come crowding on
      • 9.Recitative: Is it a Christian virtue then; Be That my Doom
      • 10.Air: From virtue springs each gen'rous Deed
      • 11.Air: Cease, ye Slaves, your fruitless Pray'r
      • 12.Recitative: Tis kind, my Friends
      • 13.Chorus: How strange their Ends
      • 14.Recitative: On me your Frowns
      • 15.Air: Ye Ministers of Justice
      • 16.Recitative: And must such Beauty suffer
      • 17.Air: Streams of Pleaseure ever flowing; Duet: Thither let our Hearts aspire
      • 18.Recitative: E'er This, their Doom is past
      • 19.Chorus: O Love Divine

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