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David Lang

David Lang Composer

The Difficulty of Crossing a Field, opera

Performances: 2
Tracks: 25
  • The Difficulty of Crossing a Field, opera
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Opera
    • Opening
    • Belladonna. The First Telling
    • Interlude 1, Today Is the Day
    • Monkshood. The Second Telling
    • Interlude 2
    • Poison Hemlock. The Third Telling
    • Poison Ivy. The Fourth Telling
    • Loco Weed. The Fifth Telling
    • Interlude 3, The Disappearence
    • Black Nightshade. The Sixth Telling
    • Wordless Prayer of Thanks
    • Foxglove. The Seventh Telling
    • Opening
    • Scene (belladonna): The first telling (Mrs. Williamson, Virginia, Chorus, Boy Sam)
    • Interlude 1: Today is the day (Williamson Girl)
    • Scene (monkshood): The second telling (Armour Wren, Presiding Magistrate, Chorus)
    • Interlude 2
    • Scene (poison hemlock): The third telling (Williamson Girl, Williamson, Mrs. Williamson)
    • Scene (poison ivy): The fourth Telling (Boy Sam, Chorus, Old Woman, Virginia)
    • Scene (loco weed): The fifth telling (Presiding Magistrate, Andrew, Chorus)
    • Interlude 3: The disappearance
    • Scene (black nightshade): The sixth telling (Williamson, Williamson Girl, Boy Sam, Virginia)
    • Wordless prayer of thanks
    • Scene (foxglove): The seventh telling (Mrs. Williamson, Williamson Girl, Boy Sam, Chorus, Virginia)
    • Scene (foxglove): The seventh telling (Opening Aria)

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