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Mieczyslaw (Moisey) Weinberg

Mieczyslaw (Moisey) Weinberg Composer

The Idiot, opera, Op.144

Performances: 1
Tracks: 39
  • The Idiot, opera, Op.144
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Opera
    • Act I: Prelude
    • Act I Scene 1: Well? Cold? (Rogoschin, Furst, Lebedjew)
    • Act I Scene 1: I can't live without her, I can't (Rogoschin, Lebedjew)
    • Act I Scene 1: Is it you, Ganya? (Nastassja Filippowna, Ganja, Rogoschin, Lebedjew, Furst)
    • Act I Scene 2: Will seventy thousand be enough? (Tozkij, Jepantschin, Lebedjew, Nastassja Filippowna, Furst, Aglaja)
    • Act I Scene 2: Do you like her, Prince? (Ganja, Furst, Jepantschin, Jepantschina, Aglaja, Alexandra)
    • Act I Scene 2: I remember… I was taken away from Russia (Furst, Jepantschina, Aglaja)
    • Act I Scene 2: You devils! You money-monger! (Rogoschin, Lebedjew, Geldverleiher)
    • Act I Scene 2: As I saw your faces, my heart became lighter (Furst, Jepantschina, Alexandra)
    • Act I Scene 2: Just one word and I'm saved! (Ganja, Aglaja, Furst)
    • Act II Scene 3: The Truth! The Truth! (Furst, Warja, Ganja, Nastassja Filippowna)
    • Act II Scene 3: Nastassya Filippovna (Furst, Nastassja Filippowna)
    • Act II Scene 3: Hello, Ganka! (Rogoschin, Geldverleiher, Ganja, Nastassja Filippowna, Lebedjew, Warja, Furst)
    • Act II Scene 3: Prince, I played it badly, would you forgive me! (Ganja, Furst)
    • Act II Scene 4: My soul is on fire (Lebedjew, Tozkij, Nastassja Filippowna, Jepantschin, Furst, Ganja)
    • Act II Scene 4: The Prince is the first person in my entire life that I believed in! (Nastassja Filippowna, Rogoschin, Tozkij, Jepantschin, Lebedjew, Furst)
    • Act II Scene 4: Am I a princess now? (Nastassja Filippowna, Rogoschin, Furst, Ganja, Jepantschin, Lebedjew, Tozkij)
    • Act II Scene 4: Why are you crying? (Nastassja Filippowna)
    • Act II Scene 4: I am ready, my queen! (Rogoschin, Lebedjew, Jepantschin, Nastassja Filippowna, Tozkij)
    • Act III Scene 5: Rumors, rumors! (Lebedjew)
    • Act III Scene 5: Parfyon, perhaps I came at a bad time? (Furst, Rogoschin)
    • Act III Scene 5: Knife grinder, knife grinder! (Messerschleifer, Rogoschin, Furst)
    • Act III Scene 5: I feel so guilty! (Furst)
    • Act III Scene 6: How is the Prince? (Nastassja Filippowna, Lebedjew, Furst, Aglaja, Rogoschin)
    • Act III Scene 6: Why do you stand on the tips of your toes? (Furst, Lebedjew)
    • Act III Scene 6: They come… They come… (Lebedjew, Jepantschina, Furst, Aglaja, Alexandra, Jepantschin)
    • Act III Scene 6: Oh my God! How do I feel! (Jepantschina)
    • Act III Scene 6: Come together! (Lebedjew)
    • Act III Scene 7: I will be waiting for you in the park at seven o'clock in the morning (Furst, Aglaja)
    • Act III Scene 7: I have to change my life (Aglaja, Furst)
    • Act III Scene 7: Oh, my God! Why is this happening? (Furst, Lebedjew, Nastassja Filippowna, Rogoschin)
    • Act IV Scene 8: I don't understand anything! (Jepantschina, Jepantschin, Aglaja, Alexandra, Furst, Lebedjew)
    • Act IV Scene 8: They write… They write… (Lebedjew, Furst, Aglaja)
    • Act IV Scene 9: There is no one home, except the four of us (Rogoschin, Aglaja, Nastassja Filippowna, Furst)
    • Act IV Scene 9: Just look at this young lady! (Nastassja Filippowna, Aglaja, Furst)
    • Act IV Scene 9: Ah, my prize, my prize (Rogoschin, Lebedjew, Nastassja Filippowna, Furst)
    • Act IV Scene 10: Nowhere to go… have nowhere to go (Furst, Messerschleifer, Rogoschin)
    • Act IV Scene 10: Enter (Rogoschin, Furst)
    • Act IV Scene 10: Now what, Parfyon? (Furst, Rogoschin)

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