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Bohuslav Martinů

Bohuslav Martinů Composer

Julietta (The Key to Dreams), opera, H.253

Performances: 2
Tracks: 37
  • Julietta (The Key to Dreams), opera, H.253
    Year: 1936-37
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Opera
    • Act I - Scene I: Hello, Boy, Hello!
    • Act I - Scene II: What's Up?/Act I - Scene III: Will This Go On For A Long Time Yet?
    • Act I - Scene IV: You Don't Mind The Sound Of That Instrument?
    • Act I - Scene V: Hey! Musician
    • Act I - Scene VI: What's Up?/Act I - Scene VIII: What Hotel?/I Believe... It's A Toy
    • Act I - Scene VIII: Gentlemen, You Are Looking At A Totally Confused Man/Look! I Was Born In Perigu
    • Act II - Scene I: She Will Come! She Won't Come!/Act II - Scene II: Pardon! Pane!/Exscuse Me! Sir!/
    • Act II - Scene IV: Well Now, The Old Folks Are Happy/Act II - Scene V: Oh, At Last!/Oh! Memories
    • Act II - Scene VI: We Are Alone/Act II - Scene VII: Mercy, Friends, Mercy!/Act II - Scene VIII: The
    • Act II - Scene IX: You've Lost!/Act II - Scene X: Now, Now! What Are You Doing Here?/Act II - Scene
    • Act III - Scene I: Lento/All Empty!
    • Act III - Scene II: Good Morning, Sir!
    • Act III - Scene III: Excuse Me, Sir! Is This The Dream Office?/Your Real Life Is Only To Begin/Scen
    • Act III - Scene V: Didn't I Wonder Why You Weren't Coming Today?/Scene VI: You Are The Engine-drive
    • Act III - Scene VII: Leave The Door Half-Open Behind You!/Arrival Of Figures In Grey Suits/Scene VI

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