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Stephen Sondheim Composer

Sweeney Todd, musical play

Performances: 7
Tracks: 10
  • Sweeney Todd, musical play
    Year: 1979
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Not While I'm Around
    • Pretty Women
    • Johanna
    • Green Finch and Linnet Bird
    • The Worst Pies in London
    • Epiphany
    • A Little Priest
    • Act I: Prologue: The Ballad of Sweeney Todd (Todd, Company)
    • Act I: No Place Like London (Anthony, Todd, Beggar Woman)
    • Act I: The Worst Pies in London (Mrs. Lovett)
    • Act I: Poor Thing (Mrs. Lovett, Todd)
    • Act I: My Friends (Mrs. Lovett, Todd)
    • Act I: Green Finch and Linnet Bird (Johanna)
    • Act I: Ah, Miss (Anthony, Johanna, Beggar Woman)
    • Act I: Johanna (Anthony, Judge, Johanna)
    • Act I: Pirelli's Miracle Elixir (Tobias, Crowd, Todd, Mrs. Lovett) - Pirelli's Entrance (Pirelli)
    • Act I: The Contest (Beadle, Pirelli, Mrs. Lovett, Tobias, Todd) - The Ballad of Sweeney Todd (Company)
    • Act I: Johanna (Judge)
    • Act I: Wait (Beggar Woman, Mrs. Lovett, Todd, Anthony, Pirelli)
    • Act I: Pirelli's Death (Pirelli)
    • Act I: The Ballad of Sweeney Todd (3 Tenors)
    • Act I: Kiss Me (Part I) (Johanna, Anthony)
    • Act I: Ladies In Their Sensitivities (Beadle, Judge)
    • Act I: Kiss Me (Part II) (Beadle, Johanna, Anthony, Judge)
    • Act I: Pretty Woman (Todd, Judge, Anthony)
    • Act I: Epiphany (Mrs. Lovett, Todd)
    • Act I: A Little Priest (Mrs. Lovett, Todd)
    • Act II: God, That's Good! (Tobias, Mrs. Lovett, Todd, Company)
    • Act II: Joahnna (Anthony, Todd, Johanna, Beggar Woman) - Sequence (Mrs. Lovett)
    • Act II: By The Sea (Mrs. Lovett, Todd, Anthony)
    • Act II: Wigmaker Sequence (Todd, Mrs. Lovett, Anthony, Quintet)
    • Act II: The Letter (Quintet, Tobias, Mrs. Lovett)
    • Act II: Not While I'm Around (Tobias, Mrs. Lovett)
    • Act II: Parlor Songs (Beadle, Mrs. Lovett, Tobias)
    • Act II: Fogg's Asylum - Fogg's Passacaglia (Company)
    • Act II: City On Fire (Lunatics, Johanna)
    • Act II: Searching (Mrs. Lovett, Todd, Lunatics, Beggar Woman, Anthony)
    • Act II: Judge's Return (Todd, Judge)
    • Act II: Final Scene (Part I) (Todd, Mrs. Lovett, Tobias)
    • Act II: Final Scene (Part II) (Company)

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