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Benjamin Britten

Benjamin Britten Composer

Albert Herring, Op.39 (chamber opera)

Performances: 6
Tracks: 195
  • Albert Herring, Op.39 (chamber opera)
    Year: 1946-47
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Act 1
      • 1.Sc.1: Flor-ence!... Tell the Midwife!
      • 2.Sc.1: Doctor Jessop's Midwife... Mustn't Touch Illegitimates
      • 3.Sc.1: I Hope We're Not Too Early, Florence?
      • 4.Sc.1: Stuffy! Tobacco Stink!
      • 5.Sc.1: Now Then! Notebook, Florence!
      • 6.Sc.1: The First Suggestion On My List is a Charming Local Girl
      • 7.Sc.1: Is This All You Can Bring? Each Single Name Reeking Impurities
      • 8.Sc.1: Beggin' Your Pardon
      • 9.Sc.1: Herring! Right! We'll Have Him! May King!
      • 10.Interlude
      • 11.Sc.2: Bounce Me High, Bounce Me Low, Bounce Me Up To Jericho!
      • 12.Sc.2: Shop! Hi! Albert!
      • 13.Sc.2: Tickling a Trout, Poaching a Hare, Fighting Wild Geese is Pretty Good Sport
      • 14.Sc.2: Meet Me at a Quarter Past Eight
      • 15.Sc.2: He's Much Too Busy Even to Listen Much Less to Care With Nancy There
      • 16.Sc.2: Good Morning, Young Man
      • 17.Sc.2: We Bring Great News to You
    • Act 2
      • 1.Sc.1: Isn't He Here?
      • 2.Sc.1: For Three Precious Weeks We've Been Toiling, Scraping
      • 3.Sc.1: Quickly, Quickly, Come Along!
      • 4.Sc.1: Here They Are, Dears!
      • 5.Sc.1: My Flowers Are Few
      • 6.Sc.1: I'm Full of Happiness to be Here in Your Midst on Such a Day as This
      • 7.Sc.1: As Representing the Local Council
      • 8.Sc.1: My Heart Leaps Up With Joy to See Virtue and Simplicity
      • 9.Sc.1: Er-humph! Er-humph! I'm No Great Shakes as a Speechifier
      • 10.Sc.1: Well Tried, Albert!
      • 11.Interlude
      • 12.Sc.2: Albert The Good! Long May He Reign
      • 13.Sc.2: You Oughtn't to Whistle! I Told You That, Sid!
      • 14.Sc.2: Heaven Helps those Who Help Themselves!
    • Act 3
      • 1.Introduction
      • 2.Is She Asleep?
      • 3.I'm Hungry, I'm Tired, I'm Sick of The Sound of Albert!
      • 4.Give Me a Decent Murder With a Corpse!
      • 5.Have You Found Him?
      • 6.Fools! Fools! Blundering Fools!
      • 7.In the Midst of Life is Death
      • 8.Albert...!
      • 9.I'm Sorry About That
      • 10.I Can't Remember Everything
      • 11.Albert's Come Back to Stay

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