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Benjamin Britten

Benjamin Britten Composer

Death in Venice (opera in 2 acts), Op.88

Performances: 6
Tracks: 118
  • Death in Venice (opera in 2 acts), Op.88
    Year: 1971-73
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Act 1
      • Scene I.Munich
        • 1.My Mind Beats On and No Words Come
        • 2.Who's That? A Foreigner, a Traveller no Doubt
        • 3.I Have Always Kept a Close Watch Over My Development
      • Scene 2.On the Boat to Venice
        • 4.Hey There, Hey There, You!
        • 5.Overture: Venice
      • Scene 3.The Journey to the Lido
        • 6.Ah, Serenissima!
        • 7.Mysterious Gondola
      • Scene 4.The First Evening at the Hotel
        • 8.We are Delighted to Greet the Signore
        • 9.Was I Wrong to Come?
        • 10.There is Indeed in Every Artist's Nature
        • 11.So I am Led to Venice Once Again
        • 12.The Lido is so Charming, Is it Not?
        • 13.How Does Such Beauty Come About?
      • Scene 5.On the Beach
        • 15.Le Bele Fragole
        • 16.Ah, Now Peaceful to Contemplate the Sea
        • 17.Children's Aames: Adziù, Adziù
        • 18.As One Who Strives to Create Beauty
      • Scene 6.The Foiled Departure
        • 19.Aou'! Stagando, aou'
        • 20.Naturally, Signore, I Understand
        • 21.Here I Will Stay, Here Dedicate my Days
        • 22.There You Are, Signore, Just in Time
        • 23.I am Become Like One of my Early Heroes
        • 24.A Thousand Apologies to the Signore
      • Scene 7.The Games of Apollo
        • 25.Beneath a Dazzling Sky the Sea
        • 26.No Boy, but Phoebus of the Golden Hair
        • 27.See Where Hyacinthus Plays
        • 28.Phaedrus Learned what Beauty is
        • 29.Try your Skill
        • 30.Young discobolus
        • 31.Up and Over
        • 32.Measure to Fight
        • 33.First, the Race!
        • 34.The Boy, Tadzio, Shall Inspire Me
    • Act 2
      • 1.Orchestral Introduction
      • 2.So, It Has Come to This
      • Scene 8.The Hotel's Barbershop (1)
        • 3.Guardate, Signore!
      • Scene 9.The Pursuit
        • 4.Do I Detect a Scent?
        • 5.And now I Cannot Let Them out of Sight
        • 6.Kyrie eleison
        • 7.Gustav von Aschenbach, What is this Path you have Taken?
        • 8.Careful Search Now Leads me to Them
      • Scene10.The Strolling Players
        • 9.This Way for the Players, Signori
        • 10.La mia nonna Always Used to Tell Me
        • 11.Fiorir rose in mezzo al giasso
        • 12.One Moment, if you Please
        • 13.In these last years
      • Scene 11.The Travel Bureau
      • Scene 12.The Lady of the Pearls
        • 14.So it is True
        • 15.So - I Didn't Speak!
      • Scene 13.The Dream
        • 16.Receive the Stranger God
      • Scene 14.The Empty Beach
        • 17.Do What You Will with Me
      • Scene 15.The Hotel's Barber Shop (2)
        • 18.Yes! A Very Wise Decision
      • Scene 16.The Last Visit to Venice
        • 19.Hurrah for the Piazza
        • 20.Does Beauty Lead to Wisdom, Phaedrus?
        • 21.Chaos, Chaos, and Sickness
      • Scene 17.The Departure
        • 22.The Wind Still Blows from the Land
        • 23.Interlude: Ah, No!

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