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George Frideric Handel

George Frideric Handel Composer

Athalia, HWV52

Performances: 14
Tracks: 165
  • Athalia, HWV52
    Year: 1733
    Genre: Oratorio
    Pr. Instruments: Voice & Chorus/Choir
    • Part 1
      • 1.Sinfonia
      • 2.Sc.1, Aria: Blooming virgins, spotless train
      • 3.Sc.1, Chorus: The rising world Jehovah crown'd
      • 4.Sc.1, Solo and Chorus: Tyrants would in impious throngs
      • 5.Sc.1, Recitative: When he is in his wrath reveal'd
      • 6.Aria and Chorus: When storms the proud
      • 7.Sc.2, Recitative: Your sacred songs awhile forbear
      • 8.Recitative: O Judah, chosen seed
      • 9.Aria and Chorus: O Lord, whom we adore
      • 10.Sc.3, Recitative: What scenes of horror round me rise!
      • 11.Recitative: O Mathan, aid me
      • 12. Recitative: O Athalia, tremble at my fate
      • 13.Sc.3, Chorus: The gods, who chosen blessings shed
      • 13.Sc.3, Chorus: The gods, who chosen blessings shed; 14.Recitative: Her form at this began to fade
      • 14.Recitative: Her form at this began to fade
      • 15.Sc.3, Chorus: Cheer her, o Baal
      • 16.Recitative: Amidst these horrors
      • 17.Sc.3, Aria: Gentle airs, melodious strains!
      • 18.Sc.3, Aria: Softest sounds no more can ease me
      • 19.Recitative: Swift to the temple let us fly
      • 20.Sc.3, Chorus: The traitor if you there descry
      • 21.Sc.4, Recitative: My Josabeth! the grateful time appears
      • 22.Sc.4, Aria: Faithful cares in vain extended
      • 23.Recitative: Oh cease, fair princess
      • 24.Sc.4, Aria and Chorus: Gloomy tyrants, we disdain...Hallelujah!
    • Part 2
      • 25.Sc.1, Chorus: The mighty pow'r in whom we trust
      • 26.Sc.1, Aria: Through the land so lovely blessing
      • 27.Sc.1, Recitative: Ah, were this land
      • 28.Sc.1, Aria: Ah, canst thou but prove me!
      • 29a.Sc.1, Recitative: Thou dost the ardor
      • 29b.Sc.2, Recitative: Confusion to my thoughts
      • 30.Sc.2, Aria: Will God, whose mercies ever flow
      • 31.Recitative: 'Tis my intention
      • 32.Sc.2, Aria: My vengeance awakes me
      • 33.Sc.2, Duet: My spirits fail, I faint, I die!
      • 34.Sc.3: Recitative: Dear Josabeth
      • 35.Sc.3, Duet: Cease thy anguish, smile once more
      • 36.Recitative: Joad, ere day
      • 37.Sc.3, Chorus: The clouded scene begins to clear
    • Part 3
      • 38.Sc.1, Recitative: What sacred horrors shake my breast!
      • 39.Sc.1, Chorus: Unfold, great seer, what heav'n imparts
      • 40.Sc.1, Recitative: Let harmony breathe soft around
      • 43.Sc.1, Chorus: With firm united hearts; 44.Sc.2, Recitative: O princess, I approach thee
      • 44.Sc.2, Recitative: O princess, I approach thee; 45.Sc.3: Air: Soothing tyrant, falsely smiling
      • 46.Sc.4, Chorus: O bold seducer, art thou there?
      • 47.Sc.4, Aria: Around let acclamations ring
      • 49.Sc.4, Aria: Oppression, no longer I dread thee
      • 53.Sc.4, Aria: To darkness eternal
      • 54.Sc.4, Duet: Now, Josabeth, thy fears are o'er!
      • 57.Sc.4, Chorus: Give glory to his awful name

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