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Béla Bartók

Béla Bartók Composer

Kossuth, BB31, Sz.21

Performances: 10
Tracks: 28
  • Kossuth, BB31, Sz.21
    Year: 1903
    Genre: Tone / Symphonic Poem
    Pr. Instrument: Orchestra
    • 1.Kossuth
    • 2.Mi bu nehezedik a lelkedre, edes ferjem? (Why are you so grieved, my dear husband?)
    • 3.Veszelyben a haza (The fatherland is in danger!)
    • 4.Hajdan jobb idoket eltunk (Formerly we had a better life…)
    • 5.Majd rosszra fordult sorsunk… (Then our fate changed for the worse…)
    • 6.Harcra fel! (Up and fight them!)
    • 7.Jojjetek, jojjetek! Szep magyar vitezek, aranyos leventek! (Come, come! You splendid lads, You valiant Hungarian Warriors!)
    • 8.Unmarked
    • 9.Mindennek vege (All is over!)
    • 10.Csondes minden, csondes (Everything is quiet, very quiet…)

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Marche funèbre from Kossuth (arr. piano, DD75b)

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