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Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven Composer

25 Irish Songs for Voice and Piano Trio, Op.223, WoO152

Performances: 12
Tracks: 102
  • 25 Irish Songs for Voice and Piano Trio, Op.223, WoO152
    Year: 1813
    Genre: Solo Song / Lied / Chanson
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • 1.The Return to Ulster
    • 2.Sweet Power of Song!
    • 3.Once more I hail thee
    • 4.The morning air plays on my face
    • 5.On the Massacre of Glencoe
    • 6.What shall I do to shew how much I love her?
    • 7.His boat comes on the sunny tide
    • 8.Come draw we round a cheerful ring
    • 9.Our bugles sung truce (The Soldier's Dream)
    • 10.The Deserter
    • 11.Thou emblem of faith (Upon returning a ring)
    • 12.English Bulls (The Irishman in London)
    • 13.Musing on the roaring ocean
    • 14.Dermot and Shelah
    • 15.Let brain-spinning swains
    • 16.Hide not thy anguish
    • 17.In vain to this desert my fate I deplore
    • 18.They bid me slight my Dermot dear
    • 19.Wife, Children and Friends
    • 20.Farewell bliss and farewell Nancy
    • 21.Morning a cruel turmoiler is
    • 22.From Garyone, my happy home
    • 23.A wand'ring gypsey, Sirs, am I
    • 24.The Traugh Welcome
    • 25.O harp of Erin

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