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Franz Waxman Composer

Joshua, oratorio for voice, narrator, choir & orchestra

Performances: 1
Tracks: 27
Musicology (work in progress):
  • Joshua, oratorio for voice, narrator, choir & orchestra
    Year: 1959
    • Part 1. Prelude - Narration. The sun was fading in the west
    • Part 1. Chorus. Thsu stood time
    • Part 1. Interlude (Moses gazing at the Promised Land) - Narration. But with your new morning
    • Part 1. Aria. But with your new morning
    • Part 1. Aria. Be strong and of good courage!
    • Part 1. Chorus. Joshua, son of Nun, be strong
    • Part 1. Duet. In all the land of promise there is fear
    • Part 1. Aria (Rahab's Plea). I know your God is Lord on high
    • Part 1. Duet. And, for she feared God
    • Part 1. Aria. Sanctify yourselves!
    • Part 1. Aria. The walls are great!
    • Part 1. Narration. Then Joshua lifted up his eyes
    • Part 1. Aria (Rahab's Prayer). Thy terror is about us
    • Part 1. Sinfonia (The Siege of Jericho)
    • Part 1. Narration & Chorus. Shout! For the Lord has given you the city!
    • Part 2. Fanfare - Narration. And Jericho, amid her ruined walls
    • Part 2. Chorus. We come from a far country - Free servants of our God then be
    • Part 2. Narration. And it came to pass - Chorus. Come!
    • Part 2. Chorus (The Watch of Gibeon). Jerusalem! Awake!
    • Part 2. Sinfonia (The Battle of Gibeon) - Narration. And till the sinking of the sun
    • Part 2. Aria. Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon!
    • Part 2. Chorus. All the cities to the Great Sea
    • Part 2. Aria (with chorus). The Lord has given you all the land
    • Part 2. Narration. So he came to the tree - Aria. This day I am going the way
    • Part 2. Aria. Oh, your sisters!
    • Part 2. Aria (with chorus). Israel - The Lord has given you a land
    • Part 2. Aria (with chorus). I am old

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