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Samuel Barber

Samuel Barber Composer

Vanessa (opera), Op.32

Performances: 10
Tracks: 110
  • Vanessa (opera), Op.32
    Year: 1956-57
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Act 1
      • 1.Introduction
      • 2.Potage crème aux perles
      • 3.No, I cannot understand why...
      • 4.Must the winter come so soon?
      • 5.Listen!...They are here
      • 6.Do not utter a word, Anatol
      • 7.Yes, I believe I shall love you
      • 8.Who are you?
      • 9.And then?
      • 10.No, you are not as good a skater...
      • 11.Under the willow tree...
      • 12.Erika, I am so happy
      • 13.Did you hear her?
      • 14.Help, help! Save me from their talk
      • 15.Outside this house the world has changed
      • 16.Hurry now!
      • 17.In morning light let us rejoice
    • Act 2
      • 1.The Count and the Countess d'Albanie
      • 2.I should never have been a doctor
      • 3.Here you are!
      • 4.At last I've found you
      • 5.Love has a bitter core, Vanessa
      • 6.Nothing to worry about
    • Act 3
      • 1.Why did no-one warn me?
      • 2.Why must the greatest sorrows...
      • 3.There, look!
      • 4.On the path to the lake
      • 5.Anatol, tell me the truth!
      • 6.Grandmother!
      • 7.Intermezzo
      • 8.By the time we arrive in Paris
      • 9.For every love there is a last farewell
      • 10.And you, my friend
      • 11.Erika, before I leave, you must tell me
      • 12.To leave, to break, to find, to keep
      • 13.Goodbye, be happy, Aunt Vanessa
      • 14.No, I must never say that name again

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