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Dmitri Shostakovich

Dmitri Shostakovich Composer

Alone, Op.26

Performances: 10
Tracks: 168
  • Alone, Op.26
    Year: 1932
    Genre: Other Orchestral
    Pr. Instrument: Orchestra
    • Reel 1: Kuzmina in Leningrad
      • 1.The Beginning (Overture). Allegro vivo
      • 2.Kuzmina wakes. Con moto
      • 3.Song. Konchen, Konchen tekhnikum. Allegro giocoso
      • 4.Morning exercises. Allegro
      • 5.March. The Street. Allegro
      • 6.Barrel-Organ. Kuzmina waits for Sobolevsky. Andantino
      • 7.Galop and song. How good life will be!. Allegro
      • 8.March. Allegretto
      • 9.(Original) Introduction. Andante, The crockery sings 'Stay!'
    • Reel 2: Kuzmina enlists as a teacher: her decisions and conflicts
      • 1.Office typewriters. Marciale
      • 2.A young girl signs up. March
      • 3.Andantino in the Style of Martini by Fritz Kreisler
      • 4.Kuzmina starts to sign up. March
      • 5.Kuzmina explains her situation 1
      • 6.Kuzmina explains her situation 2
      • 7.Kuzmina explains her situation 3
    • Reel 3: Kuzmina arrives 'alone' in the Altai Steppes. The Altai people at work
      • 1.Overtone singer
      • 2.The steppe
      • 3.The Altai
      • 4.She meets the villagers
      • 5.Kuzmina in her peasant clothes
      • 6.Kuzmina takes courage
    • Reel 4: Kuzmina starts teaching the local children
      • 1.Introduction. Andante
      • 2.The school class. Allegro
      • 3.The Bai selects the children to tend the sheep
      • 4.Kuzmina is struck as she protests. Largo
      • 5.The village chairman's wife sings a lullaby to
      • 6.Kuzmina sees the wife's crockery and reminisces
      • 7.The village Soviet chairman waking up. Adagio
      • 8.Kuzmina confronts the village chairman. Allegro
      • 9.The village chairman drinks tea with his wife
    • Reel 5: Kuzmina teaches in the open air while the sheep are being tended
      • 1.The children play
      • 2.The Bai and the sheep
      • 3.Kuzmina protests. Allegro
      • 4.The Bai shouts back
      • 5.The locals conspire
    • Reel 6: Attempted murder of Kuzmina as she is abandoned in the snow
      • 1.Kuzmina on her way to the next
      • 2.A snowstorm starts to build
      • 3.Snowstorm. Presto
      • 4.Kuzmina almost freezes to death 1
      • 5.Kuzmina almost freezes to death 2
    • Reel 7: Kuzmina's rescue by aeroplane
      • 1.The village chairman meets with the locals. Allegro
      • 2.Kuzmina close to death in bed. Poco lento
      • 3.The village chairman and meeting. Allegro
      • 4.The children come to comfort Kuzmina. Andante
      • 5.The village chairman plans her funeral
      • 6.The locals express themselves violently. Allegro
      • 7.The aeroplane from Moscow arrives to rescue 'the teacher'

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