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Fernando Sor

Fernando Sor Composer

24 Etudes, Op.31

Performances: 18
Tracks: 68
  • 24 Etudes, Op.31
    Genre: Etude
    Pr. Instrument: Guitar
    • 1.Andante in C
    • 2.Andante in A-
    • 3.Allegretto moderato in D
    • 4.Andante in B-
    • 5.Andantino in G
    • 6.Andantino in E-
    • 7.Allegretto in E
    • 8.Andante in A
    • 9.Allegretto in C
    • 10.Cantabile in D
    • 11.Moderato in F
    • 12.Andante in D-
    • 13.Andante in C
    • 14.Andantino in G
    • D
    • 16.Moderato in D- (Segovia edition no.8)
    • C
    • 18.Moderato in B-
    • 19.Andante (Segovia edition No.10)
    • 20.Andante allegro in A- (Segovia edition No.9)
    • 21.Andantino cantabile in F (Segovia edition No.7)
    • 22.Tempo di marcia in Bb
    • 23.Mouvement de priere religieuse
    • 24.Allegretto moderato in E

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