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Benjamin Britten

Benjamin Britten Composer

Curlew River, Op.71 (church parable)

Performances: 2
Tracks: 31
  • Curlew River, Op.71 (church parable)
    Year: 1964
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • 1.Te lucis ante treminum
    • 2.I am the ferryman
    • 3.I come from the Westland
    • 4.But first may I ask you what is that strange noise?
    • 5.Clear as a sky without a cloud
    • 6.Near the Black Mountains there I dwelt
    • 7.A thousand leagues may sunder a mother and her son
    • 8.Ignorant man! You refuse a passage to me
    • 9.I beg your pardon
    • 10.Curlew River, smoothly flowing
    • 11.Today is an important day
    • 12.Look! While you were listening to my story
    • 13.Ferryman, tell me, when did it happen?
    • 14.Hoping, I wandered on
    • 15.He whose life was full of promise
    • 16.The moon has risen
    • 17.Go your way in peace, mother
    • 18.Good souls, we have shown you

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