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Benjamin Britten

Benjamin Britten Composer

Little Sweep, Op.45 (children's opera)

Performances: 1
Tracks: 16
  • Little Sweep, Op.45 (children's opera)
    Year: 1949
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • 1.Sweep! Sweep!
    • 2.Sweep This Chimney
    • 3.Now, Little White Boy!
    • 4.Pull the Rope Gently Until He is Free!
    • 5.Is He Wounded?
    • 6.Sooty Tracks
    • 7.Run, Poor Sweep-Boy
    • 8.The Kettles are Singing
    • 9.O Why do You Weep
    • 10.Pantomime: Ah! Blackguards!
    • 11.Help! Help! She's Collapsed!
    • 12.The Owl, Wide-Winging Through the Sky
    • 13.Soon The Coach Will Carry You Away
    • 14.Morning, Sammy! Lovely Weather
    • 15.Ready, Alfred?
    • 16.Coaching Song: The Horses are Champing

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