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Dmitri Shostakovich

Dmitri Shostakovich Composer

The Age of Gold (ballet), op.22

Performances: 16
Tracks: 92
  • The Age of Gold (ballet), op.22
    Year: 1929-30
    Genre: Ballet
    Pr. Instrument: Orchestra
    • Act 1
      • Scene 1: The Golden Age of Industry Exhibition
        • 1.Procession of the Guests of Honour
        • 2.Inspection of the Display Windows
        • 3.Demonstration of 'Important' Exhibits. Appea
        • 4.Magician-Advertising Agent. Dance of the 'Hi
        • 5.Boxing as an Advertising Stunt
        • 6.Scandal during the Boxing Match. Entrance of
      • Scene 2: Exhibition Hall
        • 1.Dance of the Golden Youths
        • 2.Dance of Diva (Adagio)
        • 3.Appearance of the Soviet Football Team and Diva's Variations
        • 4.Soviet Dance
        • 5.Diva asks the Leader of the Soviet Team to Dance with Her
        • 6.Dance and Scene of Diva and the Fascist
        • 7.Dance of the Black Man and Two Soviet Football Players
        • 8.The Supposed Terrorist ('The Hand of Moscow')
        • 9.General Confusion. The Embarrassment of the Fascist
        • 10.A Rare Case of Mass Hysteria
        • 11.Conversation between the Director of the Exhibition and the Fascis
        • 12.Exhibition Hall. Foxtrot ... foxtrot ... foxtrot
    • Act 2
      • Scene 3: A Street in the Same City
        • 1.A Street in the Same City. Mime of the Agents Provocateurs, Provocation and Arrest
      • Scene 4: Workers' Staduim
        • 1.Procession of the Workers to the Stadium. Dance of the Young Pion
        • 2.Football March
        • 3.Intermezzo 'Everybody amuses oneself in one's own way'
        • 4.Dance of the Western Komsomol Girl and Four Sportsmen
        • 5.Sports Contests. Joint Sports Dance
        • 6.Scene and Exit of the Soviet Team
    • Act 3
      • Entr'acte 'Tea for Two'
      • Scene 5: Music Hall (Divertissement)
        • 1.Chechotka (Tap-dance): 'Shoe Shine of the Highest Grad'
        • 2.Tango
        • 3.Polka: Once upon a Time in Geneva. 'Angel of Peace'
        • 4.The Touching Coalition of the Classes, slightly fraudu
        • 5.Entrance of Diva and the Fascist; Their Dance
        • 6.Can-can
      • Act 3. Scene 6: Prison Building
        • 1.Prelude
        • 2.Scene of the Freeing of the Prisoners
        • 3.Total Unveiling of the Conspiracy. The Bourgeoisie in Panic
        • 4.Final Dance of Solidarity

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