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Henry Purcell

Henry Purcell Composer

King Arthur or the British Worthy, Z.628 (semi-opera)

Performances: 42
Tracks: 238
  • King Arthur or the British Worthy, Z.628 (semi-opera)
    Year: 1691
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • First Music: Chaconne
    • Second Music: 1.Overture
    • Second Music: 2.Air
    • Act 1
      • 1.Woden, first to thee...We have sacrific'd
      • 2.The white horse neigh'd alaoud...To Woden thanks we render
      • 3.The lot is cast
      • 4.Brave souls
      • 5.I call you all to Woden's Hall
      • 6.First Act Tune: Come if you dare
    • Act 2
      • 1.Hither, this way, this way bend
      • 2.Let not a moon-born elf mislead ye
      • 3.Hither, this way bend
      • 4.Come follow me
      • 5.How blest are shepherds
      • 6.Symphony: Shepherd, shepherd, leave decoying
      • 7.Come, shepherds
      • 8.Second Act Tune: Air
    • Act 3
      • 1.Prelude 1
      • 2.What ho!...Prelude
      • 3.What power art thou
      • 4.Thou doting fool, forbear
      • 5.Great Love, I know thee now
      • 6.No part of my dominion
      • 7.Prelude 2
      • 8.See, see, we assemble...Dance
      • 9.'Tis I, 'tis I, 'tis I that have warmed ye
      • 10.Sound a parley...'Tis Love, 'tis Love, 'tis Love that has warm'd us
      • 11.Third Act Tune; Hornpipe
    • Act 4
      • 1.Two daughters of this aged stream
      • 2.Passacaglia...How happy the lover
      • 3.Ritornello...For love ev'ry creature
      • 4.Fourth Act Tune; Air
      • 5.Warlike Consort
    • Act 5
      • 1.Trumpet Tune
      • 2.Ye blust'ring brethren
      • 3.Symphony
      • 4.Round thy coast
      • 5.For folded flocks
      • 6.Your hay, it is mow'd...Dance
      • 7.Fairest isle
      • 8.You say, 'tis Love
      • 9.Trumpet tune
      • 10.Saint George, the patron of our Isle...Our natives not alone appear

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Act 5 - 7.Fairest isle

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