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Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov

Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov Composer

Christmas Eve (opera)

Performances: 6
Tracks: 30
  • Christmas Eve (opera)
    Year: 1895
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instruments: Voice & Orchestra
    • Act I
      • Overture
      • First Tableau: Solokha and the Devil
      • First Tableau: Parnass and Tchoub
      • First Tableau: Vakoula and Tchoub
      • Second Tableau: Oxana's Aria
      • Second Tableau: Oxana and Vakoula
      • Second Tableau: "Koliadka" of young girls
    • Act II
      • Third Tableau: Overture; Solokha and the Devil
      • Third Tableau: Solokha and the Mayor
      • Third Tableau: Solokha and the Priest
      • Third Tableau: Solokha and Tchoub
      • Third Tableau: Solokha and Vakoula; Vakoula's Song
      • Fourth Tableau: Overture; Koliadki
      • Fourth Tableau: Parnass, the choir; Opening of bags
      • Fourth Tableau: Quintet, with choir
    • Act III
      • Fifth Tableau: Vakoula and Patziouk
      • Fifth Tableau: Vakoula and the Devil
      • Sixth Tableau: Overture; Dance of the Stars
      • Sixth Tableau: Diabolic Koliadka
      • Seventh Tableau: Polonaise, with choir
      • Seventh Tableau: The Czarina, Vakoula, the Zaporogues
      • Eighth Tableau: The Aerial Space; worshipers of Ovsen and Koliada; Christmas chorus
    • Act IV
      • Ninth Tableau: Overture; Duo of two women
      • Ninth Tableau: Oxana's Recitative and Aria
      • Ninth Tableau: Tchoub and Vakoula
      • Ninth Tableau: Oxana, Vakoula, Tchoub
      • Ninth Tableau: Oxana, Vakoula, Tchoub, and chorus
      • Ninth Tableau: Epilogue; Homage to Gogol

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