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Sir Arnold Bax

Sir Arnold Bax Composer

Oliver Twist, film score

Performances: 1
Tracks: 30
  • Oliver Twist, film score
    Year: 1948
    Genre: Other Orchestral
    Pr. Instrument: Orchestra
    • 1.Prelude
    • 2.The Storm
    • 3.Oliver's Birth
    • 4.Picking Aakum
    • 5.Oliver Asks for More
    • 6.Mr. Bumble's March
    • 7.Oliver Sent to Bed Among the Coffins
    • 8.Oliver as Funeral Mute
    • 9.Death of Mrs. Thingummy
    • 10.The Fight
    • 11.Oliver's Sleepless Night
    • 12.Oliver's Flight to London
    • 13.Oliver meets the Artful Dodger
    • 14.Fagin's romp
    • 15.Oliver's Pickpocketing Lesson
    • 16.Pickpocketing
    • 17.The Chase
    • 18.Oliver Faints in Court
    • 19.Comic Panic
    • 20.Oliver at Mr. Browlow's House
    • 21.Oliver at Play
    • 22.The Portrait
    • 23.Oliver's Abduction
    • 24.Mr. Browlow's Grief
    • 25.Nancy's Hysterical Outburst
    • 26.Nancy's Flight in the Rain to Meet Mr. Brownlow
    • 27.Dawn after the Murder. Bill Sikes' RĂªverie
    • 28.Wanted for Murder
    • 29.Finale

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