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Sir Lennox Berkeley Composer

A Dinner Engagement, opera in 1 act, Op.45

Performances: 1
Tracks: 19
Musicology (work in progress):
  • A Dinner Engagement, opera in 1 act, Op.45
    Year: 1954
    • Scene 1. Salt, pepper, olive oil
    • Scene 1. I'm sorry, Milady, I came through the front door
    • Scene 1. In the summer of my time
    • Scene 1. At Missis Ellibank's in Wimbledon
    • Scene 1. Mother, please can I help?
    • Scene 1. He was a quiet little boy
    • Scene 1. Prenez six belles tomates
    • Scene 1. Is this the residence of the Earl and Countess of Dunmow?
    • Scene 2. So this, dear Lady Dunmow, is your drawing room
    • Scene 2. I never moved a muscle
    • Scene 2. Forgive my curiosity, but is your servant that young girl...?
    • Scene 2. Come and see our little garden
    • Scene 2. This way, Ma'am, through the back door
    • Scene 2. Oh, shall I kneel in shame...?
    • Scene 2. I like to imagine how these must have looked
    • Scene 2. Mon aimée attend la lune
    • Scene 2. Kiss her at once!
    • Scene 2. Let her beauty be her dowry
    • Scene 2. My Lords, Ladies, Duchess and gentlemen!

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